Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Yes, there is one "E",,, _ _ R _ -- _ D _ _ R

First & foremost a huge thanks to Unite! Party Senator Gavin Baker for an excellent interview that rendered well over 300 hits and an overall great response in my email box. I'm still not sure why people send me such nice emails but don't post on the boards, I'm guessing some people like posting anonymously and since I don't allow that on this weblog they email. I personally think that if you're going to make a comment, you put your name next to it, not some silly s/n. But that's just me.

Two very nice pieces in today's Alligator! Picked it up at Orion & was very impressed:

Chamoff also said Boyles and Moseley want to appoint a replacement soon. But Moseley said that aside from some preliminary discussions, he and Boyles have not narrowed down their list of 15 vice presidential candidates. --Yeah Ok...I guess all of you whom thought John "Jesus Lovin" Boyles was so honest are now asking yourselves 'what in the hell was I thinking?'
And why is the SB President consulting with his treasurer for a replacement anyway, it sounds fair and considerate from afar, but looking at it more closely it seems as just another way to dodge the decision, to dodge the sole responsibility for the decision.

Patrone, Boyles leave student body without vice president
[Tommy's in law school? And so is Andrew, SHIT! I need to wake up and get w/ it! Very Proud of you both btw:o)]
Excellent Guest Column, I enjoyed this line:

This disregard for the best interests of the student body is an affront to their duty as student "leaders." So, thanks again Mike and you too, John, for punking us, the students.

But, especially loved this one:

We would like to thank Student Senate President Mike Patrone for his latest decision - one that will impact us all.

Very Nice Indeed. Good column, solid points, but will John listen....survey say: Niet.


1). Students Speak will be a section where student leaders will sent pre-release entries to The Radikal and may choose to give opinions for selected areas (if and only if the participants find the questions appropriate). The student leaders that will receive questions will be:

Keith Hardwick - Swamp Party Leader / Student Senator

Gavin Baker - Student Senator

Ryan Nelson - Student Senator

Sam Green - Gator Party Chair / Student Senator

2). Because I believe there's two sides to every story, two sides to every coin...I am currently in the process of getting an interview with an old friend that happens to hold one of the highest posts in Florida Blue Key. I'm not sure if an FBK leader has ever been formally interviewed on the organization, but it's going to happen here!

3). VP Election Coverage - Stay tuned!

That's it for now. Once again, thanks to Sen. Gavin Baker of the Unite! Party for a wonderful interview and for all the nice emails and the hits.


Just to show that I'm a sport I continue to put N.A.G.A.S. on my links area, meanwhile this blog instructs its guests over to Gatorman's blog to hit up all the older blogs. I don't know if that's supposed to imply that The Radikal is inactive or no longer around...but as far as SG-Blogs go...I don't think I have much competition.


StoneFree said...

Unless I'm mistaken... Sam Green is NOT the Gator Party Leader.

Christian Duque said...

I stand corrected. What I meant to publish was: "Gator Party Chair," as opposed to "Party Leader." Thank you for your comment.