Wednesday, January 03, 2007

UF Courts & Online Voting

I'm not really sure what to say on the matter, except of course that it's pretty much over for the proponents of online voting. Does UF have a court of appeals? If so, I've never heard of one. I've always had mixed beliefs on the idea of the use of internet voting and I feel the need to give my two cents on the matter.

Internet voting has been a pressing issue with Indies since at least my initial days with Access and to some extent during my year with Ignite. One part of me is greatful to have been part of the original Access meanwhile another part of me laments that we won that fateful Spring 2004 because it gave GDI's a taste of power and ever since we lost that power it's like the floodgates were smashed open, it's like Indie strategy rooms became the clearinghouses for all sorts of hokus-pokus ideas and gimicks. One gimick that's had a long time on the Indie marquee has been internet voting.

Truthfully, I was always very uneasy taking in the arguments from the mainstream/majority bloc regarding the 'integrity of the ballot.' I don't think anyone can deny them the fact internet voting would put much at risk. Now key members of the Indie minority made strong points, one I recall was "we should trust in the students' integrity" and "who are we to gauge who's trustwothy and who's not." Valid points, it's not SG's job to determine morals but it is the job of the Student Government to ensure the integrity of the ballot and to ensure that the democratic process is carried out fully.

I disagree with the majority-opinon that internet voting is "unsafe." It's very safe and the levels of encryption coupled with some interesting security measures that were offered (then) as amendments seemed to cover most if not all bases. I don't believe it would have been easy to tamper with the votes once cast, however, I do believe that with online voting there could be some intimidation, there could be social factors at play, and I don't believe that voters would have the privacy they have in the voting booths of today.

I remain hopeful of internet voting as an option one day though not today or tomorrow. I am still very iffy about the integrity of the ballot and the concept of voting from virtually anywhere (completely unsupervised by impartial election officials). As far as internet voting replacing paper ballots, I hope to never see this, I don't think it would be to the benefit of the voters or the process, but I do think that at some point it might become a very good option (to supplement traditional voting) if properly studied and offered up then.

But I must insist that internet voting will not bring about an Indie revolution, the GDI's will not take down the FBK/IFC/PC wall like the merry Germans of 1989. Internet voting is not the pie in the sky that GDI's have made it out to be, it won't allow you to re-live S2004. Sorry.

Thoughts? & Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

I was at the inaguration festivities yesterday, but I didn't see a lot of UF sg kids. I saw Liz Stinson at the swearing in. The only people I ran into were who I recognized from UF were Chris Chestnut (the son of Cynthia) and James Argento at the Alex Sink party, and I guess it is because they were also FSU students (Chris undergrad and James grad).

Did any other people go?

Christian Duque said...

Had I been in Tally I would have gone. When Crist first hit the gubernatorial scene he was talking big on bi-partisanism and then the negative ads started coming in against I don't know about this so called "People's Governor."

I do think that the dems taking Congress will impact the state scene to a certain extent. I really don't know though. Crist seems genuine but he was backed by the Republican Party so who knows -- really. LOL

Anonymous said...

i went to the swearing in and sink's party ( and i'm a republican)

old school said...

12:02am, did you sneak up to the 5th floor?

Anonymous said...

bell and wright are not being considered!?! where are you getting this info?

Anonymous said...

Old School,
12:02 replying:
No sneaking involved the guy i was with was invited and he's a republican too.

old school said...

2:10, are you a current UF student. I didn't see a lot of young people at the thing, the ones I saw were professoinals who all went to fsu or were uf graduates removed. About the 5th Floord I was making a joke as to how at the end they weren't even checking people on the 5th Floor as the party spilled over. Did you all get your picture?

Also I am taking a class with former Governor Ruebin Askew, he was at the swearing in, and told me it was really good. I was driving back to tally that morning so I wasn't there.