Thursday, December 28, 2006

Duque's Thoughts on '06

Well 2006 was interesting from a blog point of view. I finally got to interview my SG mentor, I got to learn so much more about FBK & SG, and I was able (albeit not expected, not wanted) to outlast all the other blogs. I got plenty of heat from the haters, those that tried to tell me to get over SG even though I was merely updating a blog for historical purposes if anything, though not meddling in any way, shape, or form with the current members of, or the institution of SG. Ten thousand hits later, people are still coming to visit TR and I'm planning on moving on to the county and state arena (believe me, this has always been the plan). Working TR has allowed me to work with others (Ryan nelson, Gavin Baker, Chris Carmody, Charlie Grapski, JCB, Jordan Loh, Thomas Jardon, etc). I attribute the success of this blog as well as my better-formulated view of SG, FBK, and politics in Florida to these fine individuals and I thank them for that.

I suspect '07 will be the year TR changes direction, no longer a current events SG blog but still SG. I'm hoping to get into more intense blogging, get my teaching certificate, and continue hoping for law school. I'll make it, I was Access after all. :)

I will never stop blogging, I can't. I'm hoping for big things with Nina's interview and if the JA interview had me nervous you should see what I've scribbled for the CC interview. That Q&A has got to be perfect, for a multitude of reasons, so I'm actively working on that.


SOE Aungst informed me that 'paper and secured site are okay while internet [voting] is unconstituional.' I am always pressed by the anons to allow for open debate. So, any reactions to the court ruling?

Moseley v. _____ ? Who will Moseley face off for the highest post of Student Leadership? Any rumors as far as whom Action/Unite/Impact (the Who Cares [for lack of a better term] Party) will run?

Will Indies pick an Indie?

Did Rodriguez really give JA crap over doing my Q&A?
If so, '"Rich" you're a homo. :)'


Anonymous said...

Good job this year with the blogger. I liked your interviews with both Argento and Grapski. It showed the different approach have taken to politics, Argento the mainstream, and Grapski the notsomainstream. I have a feeling you will be hearing more about Mr. Argento and Grapski whether you want to or not, both for different reasons.

I only saw Argento speak one time at the 2003 Gators for Israel rally at Norman Field. I was a Freshman at the time in the audience. Argento was speaking on behalf of the College Democrats, and he followed a girl from the young republicans, Jamal Sowell (who I think was the Student Body Treasurer), Congressman Peter Deutsch, and the Israeli Consulate General down from Miami Beach. I thought he blew all of them away with his speech.

I have seen Grapski speak a few times, I also seen when he got pulled out of the meeting in front of the Alachua City Commission.

Keep up the good work Christian. The Nelson interview was good also.

Christian Duque said...

Thanks for the kudos. You know the one thing that would truly makes this blog better, would be a chance from the majority parties. I've received input from traditional members of the establishment bloc (JCB, Loh, Aungst [non-partisan due to post]) and I feel they've brought a great dynamic to TR.

Whether or not the party hierarchies allow or pressure-against their members participating on this blog is not something I want to delve into at this time. But as of the last few months, hate me or love, I run the ONLY blog that actually even tries to cover student leadership. This having been said, I've gone out of my way to create a fair atmosphere and should this blog ever call it a day, I just wouldn't feel right if it was one-sided.

I hope that in 2007 Gator/Swamp will not be so vehemently opposed to TR. In my eyes I cannot blog SG like a current SG'er can nor do I aim for that. My hope is to create a supplement to Gatorpedia (which seems to cut off in 2005), I'm hoping TR will take on from '05 well into '07 and then hopefully cue the next writer to pick up the torch.

I studied History in college and archives are essential to me. We have the Alligator, but that's a newspaper, projects like TR add a bias to the archives and I'm hoping that kids in 2015 will go back to old Alligator clippings, GP, and TR and see how things were done back in the day.

That's what I hope to contribute. TY again.