Saturday, December 09, 2006

Alligator Calls Swamp Out

"At half mark, Swamp falls short of goals"

Really it's not so outlandish for the student' paper to call out the ruling party mid way through the year. While the lede imparts an early bias against Swamp, let me stress that expecting a student political party to complete even a quarter of a 29-part-platform in one calendar year is ridiculous (a. if in fact parties promise 29 key issues, they're mad - & - if the Alligator expects a student party to deliver THAT much, they too are bonkers). Unless of course we're not speaking of key [tangible] issues (e.g. providing students with more covered bus stops as opposed to, "making SG more honest"...).

I must admit though, that I was I surprised Boyles & Co. did not use the resignation of SBVP Lydia Washington, the replacement process, and/or the disarray that Cabinet must have found itself in during this past summer as a plausible excuse to keep informed-voters in their hip pocket. On the other hand, the Alligator also made no mention of Swamp's complete control of both governing branches or of last semester's sweep at the polls. I loved the shameless Weiss-plug in the article, with over a dozen paragraph-like entities devouted to the SG Executive, a couple for Clouston (the Minority), and two for Weiss.

I love how in assessing the accomplishments of the Swamp Party in the Student Senate, Ms. DaSilva and the Alligator make reference only to Josh Weiss; I'm sure in "Today's Senate" the name Josh Weiss also includes JCB, Hardwick, Loh, Green, etc... Elections be damned, if the Alligator wants to level the presidential playing field that's fine, but they should have mentioned at least two more Swamp kids in Senate (3 in exec, 3 in legislative), this way it would have seemed as if it was equal between candidates and equal between branches. Putting Weiss as the lone Swamp star in senate is just a disservice to those members of the Party that have worked long hours so that the Party could at least boast of 1/4 of its platform by this point in the term.

***I sent out a special W.O.T.N invitation to key leaders of both parties, but I am told it's reading days/finals time, so I'll just post the two responses I received and be grateful for that:


From Sen. Jordan Loh:

Thank you for inviting me to participate.

"Swamp laid out an ambitious and attainable platform. Unfortunately, important initiatives, such as an SG sponsored book exchange, involved processes that may take more than one or two election cycles to realize, despite concerted effort. The Swamp Party, led by SBP John Boyles, has been an active and successful advocate for students in as varied arenas as student representation in city government to fighting attempts to raise towing rates. To judge the success of Swamp merely by what has been completely accomplished to date (and even that is quite a bit) would be deceptive- the executive branch and the entire Senate have been investing time and energy in programs and projects, such as improving busing transportation on campus, that will pay dividends in the future."

Concise (As Requested). To the point. Excellent. TY Sen. Loh.

From Sen. Gavin Baker:

1. The students' needs: 3 / 5
The Boyles/Swamp administration has done a decent job of attempting to address student needs.

As far as I know, all of SG's popular programs and services have been preserved. Some of the less effective programs have also been preserved, such as some of the under-utilized cabinets. On the other hand, some programs have had fat trimmed, such as the CPA ticket subsidy, and others have been strengthened, such as the readership programs, which finally found their way into the annual budget.

The early challenge of adjusting the AY 06-07 budget to deal with deficit was ably met. It didn't all turn out the way I'd have liked -- I wanted SG to cut more of its own fat, cut less from student groups, and find ways to put more expenses in the budget rather than paying from reserves -- but the basic criterion was satisfied, and on time.

The 07-08 budget was, I think, really quite good. Again, I'd have preferred a leaner SG internal budget, but it could have been a lot worse. We're directing extra funds to the Reitz Union because they need it -- and of everything SG does, probably nothing affects more students more directly than the Union. Similarly, the recently-passed special events budget directs more to the events that need it, such as Kaleidoscope month. I would have preferred a higher overall growth for our organizations, but there weren't a lot of options, and I hope that the Budget Committee will parcel it out in the most effective way.

In terms of student advocacy, I think the administration has been decently effective. I feel like the Lobby Coordinator is out on his own at times -- this important office should be given higher priority, more staff, and more funding. The administration took the right position on the Academic Enhancement Program and the minus grade proposal, even if we arrived there someone haltingly. The real test will be the spring legislative session in Tallahassee. We should have been more engaged, and more quickly, in the CLAS situation, but we did alright. On city matters, again, they haven't hit anything out of the park, but they haven't fumbled anything major either (to mix sports metaphors).

I can't give a ringing endorsement on any of the above (with the exception of the 07-08 budget, which I'm rather a fan of), but there's nothing horrible either.

The horrible part is the utter failure of Chomp the Vote. This is an extremely important program to students individually as well as for our goals as a Student Government (since more voters = more ability to get what we want), and I don't think it's a stretch to say it's important to the future of the country. I don't know who to blame here, but SG totally dropped the ball here. This should have been a hallmark of the administration, but instead, it may be one of its biggest failures.

2. Principles of leadership: 2 / 5
SG hasn't made more than baby steps toward better accountability, transparency, accessibility, and involvement.

I don't know that I've ever been outright lied to (with the exception of "we did not promise positions"*), but I don't feel like our leadership has been entirely honest with us, either. Some leadership figures have been very forthcoming, but others, less so.

The administration's relationship with the press is not entirely frosty, but it ought to be warmer.

Blue Key's influence is still too strong, there are still too few non-Greeks, and personal and/or partisan politics still rears its ugly head too often.

* I know some Swampie will want to tell me I'm wrong on the issue of patronage. Go ahead and spare us both. You're not gonna change anyone's mind.

3. Swamp's own goals: 3 / 5

Well, the article speaks for itself. They've only accomplished a few, they've started on some, and -- if my math works here -- there's some issues they haven't even really started on, halfway through their term.

Aside from the Alligator piece, President Boyles delivered his sort of "state of the SG" report on Tuesday. Many of the subjects he claimed, in fact, had little if anything to do with SG's efforts on that front.

Many will probably not be accomplished within the term, and some will probably never be accomplished. Of course, that alone is not a reason not to try -- but it's not entirely honest to say that plans are being discussed for a 24-hour study location on campus, to paraphrase one statement made, when those plans were already being discussed, and no particular involvement on SG's part has been cited.

Some goals have been inverted entirely. In Spring, the promise was more courtesy(yellow) and emergency (blue) phones. Then, when we needed to save money, SG began an attempt to find "wasteful spending" in nonfunctional, underutilized, or redundant yellow phones -- and rather than increasing the number, it actually decreased. It can be argued that this is actually the best thing to do, since it's the most effective use of resources, but we should not disregard that it is nonetheless a reversal of platform.

The promises to increase diversity in SG and reform SG to better represent students are failures. It's not that nothing was attempted,but rather, it was too little, too late.

The platforms really promised the stars, and that makes it hard to deliver. This is a bit of a structural problem: to stay competitive, parties feel pressured to promise a lot, when in reality, SG's capabilities are quite limited (particularly vis-a-vis faculty, the administration, the city, the state, etc.) I don't think Swamp was, on the whole, that much worse (if any) than Unite or Action on this count, but they haven't made things any better, either.

There's still three months left for the Spring senators and five months left for the executives, so things could happen -- or they might not, and I might have to revise my score down in the final count.

A Book, not-at-all concise, but a good book. TY Sen. Baker

From Sen. Pedro Morales:

Thank you for the opportunity to include me in the list of student leaders and for soliciting my opinion! I don't know if I'll be able to meet the requirement to respond concisely. :)

I think Swamp is doing a decent job. As always there is room for improvement but there are important things that must be highlighted.

For one, I have to congratulate Swamp in successfully including a diverse slate of people in Senate and Cabinet. I am most proud of the new Hispanic, Asian American and African American, and LGBTQ members of the Senate and Cabinet. While Swamp retains its "system tendencies", I think it has made a good attempt, if not, at deflating the usual opposition. This Spring race will be most interesting, because the way, in my opinion, Swamp has managed to, no pun intended, "unite" the diverse opposition under their banners. I will be watching the Spring race most intently, for I predict and perhaps look forward to the campus being united under one moderate and hard-working presidential candidate. This Spring race definitely will be unique and I look forward to it.

One thing that I am most happy is that the Mayors Council were able to come through Allocations for their international movie night, given that they had the budget shortfall, Allocations stepped up beautifully to help this organization. Last Thursday, President Machen announced at the Graduate Student Council his priorities for graduate students, namely, continuing funding for GatorGradCare through the FL Legislature, raising graduate assistant stipends across the board, and building a new graduate housing village.

Reapportionment was a bit disappointing, in the sense that I was hoping for an eighth graduate seat. I acknowledge that I cannot complain about it, because I take the blame for it. The resolution recommending no reapportionment passed in the Senate by one vote, which was mine. I favored it because I thought Sen. Ryan Nelson had good points in his debate, but I saw little willingness from the Senate Judiciary Committee to draft a different proposal. So since the current apportionment is now unconstitutional, due to my interpretation, and the folding Architecture and BCP, I voted in favor of the resolution, so it could move out of the Senate's hands and into the SG Supreme Court. Had I voted against it, I would have forced Judiciary to redraft a new reapportionment bill, so in that respect, I failed to watch out for my constituents.

Another interesting book, LOL. TY for your response, nice touch.


Anonymous said...

How do we think Actions waterslide would be shaping up at this point if they had been elected or their Moe's on campus? Morons.

Anonymous said...

Listing Jordon Loh as a "Key Leader" of the Swamp party is so false that it would be laughable if it were not so offensive. Don't get me wrong, Jordon is a good kid who very well may have an impressive career in SG, but to mention him while leaving out people such as Agrusa, Asher, Johns and Reilly is downright insulting.

Just becuase Loh got some brief media attention from the cingular bill that you blew way out of proportion doesnt make him a key leader of the party.

Perhaps it is for the best however, because none of the true leaders of Swamp would have responded to your email. (This is of course excepting Clay Brett, who truly is a breed unto his own.) Call this elitism or whatever you will, but the bottom line is for most of SG, attaching your name to a statement posted on this blog is simply not politically intelligent.

Christian Duque said...

The original list included the following:

For The Majority:

& Johns

For The Minority:


For Non-Aligned:



B/c of reading days & finals I published what I had, Loh & Baker and did not call out or lean on the rest. In the past when I want something I lean on people, but now is not the time.

Don't knock Sen. Loh for being polite, speaking up as opposed to leaving his party unrepresented, and continuing to show the GDI's that good, revolutionary leaders exist in the mainstream as well. What he did with that Cingular Bill and the way he took the needs of his constituents to the floor of the senate, that's more GDI than anything I've seen in a while and the kid is SWAMP, so be happy you have talent over there that's not the norm you guys get and shut your pie hole.

I always strive to be fair w/ these things and everyone has an opportunity. During finals time, I didn't think it was wise to wait out for my responses, especially with an emergency Q&A with B.A. and my scheduled Q&A with JA being shelved until I can end the blogging year appropriately.

Thanks for reading + commenting.
Hoping for 20,000 to start 2007 with.

Anonymous said...

If you think Walicki is unalligned you're fooling yourself. He is in FBK and is John's mouthpiece. Anything John supports EJ will support.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog generally, but continuously listing Loh as a "key leader" within Swamp is ridiculous Christian. Jordan is barely one semester old as a Lakeside senator. He has gained popularity on this site ONLY because of the attention you brought to him regarding the Cingular Bill, which was thrown out of chambers anyway. He is a nice kid and means well, but this soon into the game he's certainly not worthy of being anywhere close to swamp (or any party) leader material.

Christian Duque said...

I understand your concenrs, however, scroll up and look at the list. Were it not for the fact that certain Swamp leaders are trying to create an imaginary backlash as a means to keep others from participating on this blog, you have to realize that not all those invited will participate.

On the other hand, I am accused of giving Loh too much attention for the Cingular Bill, but it was key legislation and there are people that would hate for HIS name to become synonomous with THAT bill b/c it gives him a battle cry and that battle cry involves constituents with a very real problem. Not only does it give him a strong cause, it just so happens that BOTH parties (almost uniformly tag-teamed to defeat his bill.

Jordan Loh may not be a leader like a Hardwick or a Weiss, but in the PR world, in 2-3 years time Loh will be a political powerhouse, with the GDI's, the Greeks, and FBK at his feet. Mark my words, this blog will be around in 3yrs.


It's a real shame that more Swmap people are not applauding the Senator for what he said, which was maintain loyalty to SBP Boyles and his party. If in fact these critics really are in Swamp, they need to read what he wrote and realize he's a loyal member of the Party, not a rebel or a chicken shit that will hide as opposed to come and represent. :)

Christian Duque said...

Not just here. The Alligator wrote a story on his bill as well and I'm trying to talk to some journalists that read this blog, but that's for later.

TY for your post.

I also found Sen. Baker's response to be somewhat hard on Swamp but very good reading and perhaps the strongest comments I've heard from the Minority since, well, the Fall elections. I think he may have hit a nerve with some Majority leaders with Chomp The Vote, but there's too much going on right now to delve into that.

Sen. Morales:

More upbeat, but with a good punch.
Reapportionment seems to Morales' battle cry, though he mentions the Mayors Council (nice plug for the Villages) and also mentions Fmr. Sen. Ryan Nelson (whom sadly it seems is all but decided against running in '07). Overall, Morales speaks and writes like an Executive candidate, sadly, I don't think we will ever see him take the plunge.

The GDI's would have a much better investment in a Morales Presidential campaign than w/ Kathy Valle (HSA or no HSA), I mean Kathy is a great person and very social (but did you guys learn nothing from Lola, being chipper and friendly isn't enough), but who's canvassing over there anyway? Did action hire Gary Coleman? I hear he was looking for work, but I never...

I really hope the GDI's don't get stuck with Weiss or Moseley. I'd prefer (and would even lobby GDI's for)JCB, Green, Mierley, hell even Pedro Allende to a Weiss or Moseley (because at least these are real people and differences be damned, you can always WORK WITH someone that's real, regardless of Party affiliations). Nothin against either Mr. Moseley or Mr. Weiss, but they seem like political brown-nosers and I never cared much for those.


TTYL Kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Mierly is graduating, JCB is running Mose's campaign, and Pedro Allende would piss on a GDI's grave before running with them for office. If the GDI's run someone other than Weiss or Mose they are simply spinning their wheels. They might force a runoff between Mose and Weiss, but they'll once again only be delaying the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think a Unite administration would have let Chomp the Vote fall through the cracks?

Anonymous said...

Yes, because Hernandez personally established that position as a vehicle to a presidential run. As president he would get no personal utility from Chomp the Vote and thus he wouldn't care about it.

Christian Duque said...

Moseley should face a real GDI.
Win or lose, GDI's should go back to their roots. Don't work to win, work to change things and in the process you might just win.

Hernandez proved that just b/c you once led IFC doesn't mean they'll follow you years later; Siler proved that just b/c you're Black and popular, Black won't vote for you; Lola proved that chippy and sociable still isn't enough. Chasing the HSA pipedream or waiting for the Majority to make it's pick between the two hopefuls is the wrong way to go.

Run a Nelson, a Morales, a Baker, hell run NIKKI GRANT, run Rosemarie Clouston or Tommy Jardon, run Ben Grove or Caitlin Clause, get Allison cullin a ticket back from D.C. & run her, JESUS CHRIST, run a real GDI for once! Run someone of substance, someone that has paid their dues to the GDI movement b/c the students saw right through Jared, they saw right through the MVP buy-out, they saw right through Dennnis getting Mack, right through Access when Andre sold us to the IFC/PC hierarchy.

You don't have to think win/lose just yet. If the GDI's pick Weiss, they will have already lost, if you can't be yourself in this life, who in the hell is going to support you?

Christian Duque said...

But w/e. GDI's today wanna play pretend, they wanna whisper secrets to each other, and walk around like secret agents, they wanna pretend they're in Blue's really very pathetic.

I'm sure Action will parade around with Josh Weiss and tell everyone he was always 'secretly' an Independent. GDI's have so little backbone these days, it's like they'd rather lose being fakes than lose being real.

Anonymous said...

Hernandez didn't establish Chomp the Vote to run. He was supporting his fraternity brother Bryson Ridgeway at the time. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I found the UNITE campaign tremendously successful, despite its losing to SWAMP. They garnered more votes than expected. The Asian and Hispanic communities mobolized very well that time. The inclusion of Brandon Siler was ineffective because he had no ties to the Black community. Yes, he was Black and played football but he didn't head black organizations like Lydia Washington, or go to classes with the other black students, or even sit on their lofty SET. He hung out with the other athletes, who are in a world of their own.

Anonymous said...

I personally like the innocent anon post at 9:31 and then the bash at 9:35 as though it wasn't the exact same person looking soley to defame. Classy folks.

Anonymous said...

Can we get the JA interview, please!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 6:43PM. The Black Greek Coalition already backed Lydia, so it was easy to mobilize against Siler also.

Christian Duque said...

There is no one that want to post the JA interview more than me, but, it's not rhe right time yet. I still want to hear from Brian Aungst and tie some loose ends.

JA will be the last TR post of 2006. He will be up for most of the Holiday vacation.

Anonymous said...

Trust this: Jared organized Chomp the Vote to galvanize a run for president. Did you ever wonder why he did not let others get involved in that project? Why he made it a point to have more airtime in the commercials than the celebrities who appeared. From the beginning, this was Jared's white horse. I am not blaming him for using this. Everyone needs a cause to get their name out there and he did a great job with Chomp the Vote. But make no mistake about it - it was all about him. His loyalties to Bryson made no difference in his desires to run for President.

Anonymous said...

Trust this: Jared organized Chomp the Vote to increase student sign-up and turnout.

Seriously, why the anon bashing from a post you created soley for that purpose?

Anonymous said...

OK! In hindsight I see pretty clearly that he did use CTV for his presidential ambitions. However, three years ago I would walk past him during the election cycle and he would be out there all by himself getting signatures. And I wondered why no one would help him, when I knew so many people who wanted to get involved in that cause.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly... Robert Mack was involved, Will Atkins was involved, various Greek Leaders, organization presidents hell even Jess Johnson at one point. Doesn't seem like he had the stage all to himself.

Additionally, I remember that he came to senate and IFC/PC meetings begging for volunteers. I'm pretty sure that he didn't turn down any help. If he was out there alone its because other people didn't show up.

Wasn't he just starting lawschool at that point? Didn't Jamal and BSU approach him about running against Joe after Bryson dropped out b/c they couldn't stand Joe as a candidate?

Seriously, you can bash all you like anon but the fact remains that the original CTV effort was one of the most succesful efforts ever. It was well executed and produced results. Jared seemed to genuinely care about the issue at the time and if you were to ask him now, I'd bet you'd probably get the same.

Anonymous said...

Why does everything have to be done with a motive here? Why do we have to attach ulterior ambition to everything that is done?

Let me name a few examples:

Is Reilly doing his Allocations work so that he can be a successful treasurer candidate?

Is Agrusa doing his Judiciary work so that he can later be Senate Pro-Temp or Senate President?

Is Steven Kelly doing his BOCC presidency so that later he can be budget chair?

Granted, people do and should have ambitions for more powerful positions, but geez, give yourselves a break!

Senate talk is a lot about benefiting the students and doing it for your constituents, and all that talk can sound like BS at different points in time, yet we have leaders that step up and do this work. And yet, in hindsight, they have an ulterior motive. They only did their good jobs for the spotlight, for the nomination, for the chance at something bigger, as opposed to the bounty of doing a specific task well done.

Happy holidays, rejoice and be glad! :-)
(too lazy to login)

Anonymous said...

While the gossip and the analysis of the past can be entertaining and informative, it can also be hurtful. Yes, there are lots of personalities on parade, and ego bubbles to watch out for, but hey, at the end of the day, we are all human beings longing for acceptance, and for the chance to make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Well said Pedro.

None of this talk should obscure SWAMPs failure with regard to CTV and various other "promises" they made. I guess the only promises John keeps are to his puppet masters.

SWAMP = failure

Anonymous said...

That's classy to bash people after you get upset for others anonymously bashing people...

Anonymous said...

thread is dead...

Christian Duque said...

What I find odd is how Jared and the alleged failures of CTV in '06 have any relation. However, it's nice to see some debate going on as to why CTV didn't quite succeed and it's even nicer to read that FBK wasn't blamed for something for a change. i love the conspiracy theories too, but sheesh, we need more than one scapegoat around here. LOL

Has Commissioner Mastrodicasa shown any interest in SG? As I recall she had a lot of support in Hume and with the Student Body, has anyone approached her about the 2am bar closing time?

Anonymous said...

No wonder SG leaders have grade issues, they are arguing about a 2 yr old event during Finals week.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Christian to watch you talk about any sort of current "Indy politics" is just plain painful. Its like you know 6 names and repeat them over and over again, and you have no clue what the ambitions of these individuals or, nor do you care because you're seen as 'motivating' the indies but in the end you Don't even know who the indies of today are.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Anon 1:42 you're worse than the people who want to raise SG minimum GPA to 2.5 to be in Student Government. I'm sorry but neither you nor anyone else should tell Student Leaders what kind of a GPA they need to have to be a 'leader' as long as they are academically eligble with the University.

For everyone One person in SG whose skating by with a 2.01 I can show you someone whose close to a 4.0. These's stereotypes start and perpetuate because people like you won't look at the truth behind them and prefer to take the cheap shot. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

HA. Weiss has already conceeded. AEpi lost any chance for him th emoment they backed Boyles. Stupid idiots.

Christian Duque said...

Maybe if Indies (not Indy you twit) got their act together I might know more, sorry I didn't mention your name, you must not be important enough. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for letting me catch up on months of SG dirt... I hope to start some myself one day. :)

Or... maybe I should just give up now seeing all the terrible things that go on in SG...

I wanted to get involved in SG bcause I actually saw the differences it was making on campus.(Gym towels, Busses on Sundays and free newspapers)Why do so many of you have a problem with just being a good leader because it will benifit thousands of people- I guess I don't understand...

Anonymous said...

Say No to Minus Grades!

Anonymous said...

Come on Anon 6:28. Last time I checked, two of our previous SG VPs (2nd top position?) seemed to have academic issues. Do I really need a Student Leader who's having hard time being a student to begin with. If it was down to me, I'd raise the minimum to average student GPA (which happens to be aroudn 3.2). Go fight for my towel, but at least be average with your main reason to be here.

Anonymous said...

So Weiss is out?

Anonymous said...

I don't think quality leadership can be qualified by one's academic progress. As long as someone is eligible to be a student at UF, they should be able to serve in whatever capacity.

Anonymous said...

Weiss is out and AEPi is stupid for supporting John.

Anonymous said...

What does John have to do with anything? What was the alternative? Jared? HA!

Anonymous said...

Christian when is the Argento interview? You have been promising it for two weeks?

Christian Duque said...

The JA interview will sit for over two weeks on this blog over the holiday break. During winter break TR readers will have:

1). the WOTN post to comment on (w/ a new submission from E.J. Walicki coming)

2). The Brian Aungst Mini Q&A

3). The JA Interview

Plenty of things to read, plenty of stuff to comment! A triple-holiday-hitter!

It's coming, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Had Aepi not supported John over Jared Ryan would likely have had to share the SN pres with Weiss one term apiece putting them on more equal footing. Addtl it would have been easier to argue against 2 Sig Eps in a row regardless of how different Jared and Ryan would have been and where they would have been pulling support from. Jared may have empowered groups other than the Theta Chi regime that is the crew behind Mosley's bid. However you feel about Jared or Unite it was Aepi's actions to get behind AllendeBoyles and delay the fight rather than move when they had a chance against the Theta chi alliance. By not backing Hernandez when he still had the opportunity to gain significant Greek support, Aepi lost out on an administration that wouldn't have been hostile and could have stopped the Mose machine. Thus all of the allies of Aepi have been hit and cornered and lost alot while the cultural groups continue to fight each other for the leftovers. Sad really when you think about the stupidity of it all and with how bad Boyles' administration has been. Jon Kaskel was, is, and always will be a coward who has harmed his house beyond repair. It really is too bad he was more concerned with sleeping with Laura Gonzalez (who wanted so bad..SO get into FBK) to make the correct call. Mazel tov. Consider yourself answered 3:13.

Anonymous said...

wow good points. But JB has been supportive of Weiss. Maybe Aepi thought that was their best move. Of course... I guess this just goes to show how irrelevant John's opinion has been.

Christian Duque said... important it is for GDI's to mobilize for the average students...whom in all seriousness had no input in the Mainstream Primaries (of sorts)...

Anonymous said...

Chomp the Vote was never Jared Hernandez's master plan to become President. Believe it or not, it wasn't his ambition until someone put it into his head. As to speculation about what if AEPi would've supported's not rocket science, kids.

1. Jared would have won
2. Gator's ticket would've been Hernandez-Washington-Mierley (think about it, people).
3. Guerra would have been Senate President instead of Mierley (remember her?
4. Lydia and Lauren-gates would've both still happened and they would have been replaced by Bovell and Reilly respectively (think about the rules of the game)
5. Ryan would have never had his shot

The primary would have ultimately been between Reilly and Weiss, which is the fight that AEPi would have been more prepared to win. Ironic, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the blacks are doing?

Anonymous said...

celebrating the break with friends and family?

Anonymous said...

good response...

Christian Duque said...

Indeed. :)