Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Hello There! It's James Argento."

I have to say that yesterday's game was off the chain. Granted I didn't watch most of it because I was hanging out with some very old friends (my Access partner-in-crime and my Voice-partner-in-crime...two people I care very much about). I had my first beer in 8months, sadly it was a 16oz of Natty light, had three, then went to Leonardo's By The Slice.

Yes Leonardo's one of the last self-respecting GDI eateries in all of Gainesville. But's true...they are no longer just known for their black attire, almost rude indifference to customers, and the angst of celebrating early 80's punk/goth culture in the depths of mainstream post-grunge-what-does-it-all-mean-2006 -- they inserted a lcd television in that mofo and it was tuned to the Gator game. The jocks penetrated GDI country, but it was cool watching the football game and speaking with my old Access-mate whom told me about his travels in eastern Cuba and Yucatan (Mexico). When asked, he told me the people in Cuba lived much better. Socialism & pizza folks and gator football, what a night.

The James Argento interview is coming up soon. It will be out December 5th and please if you receive an email to check it out and you don't want to receive them, please let me know like Sen. Sharpless did. Good on ya mate...

I promise this interview will rock your socks off. I have also done my best to get key people to ask James some really great questions including NicK Capezza, Chris Carmody, Ryan Nelson, & Tommy Jardon.

Q&A coming soon guys, be patient.

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Christian Duque said...

I still can't get over that tv in the middle of the dining area. What crap is that! Can't we have one eatery w/o a tv, people are more interesting that televisions.