Friday, December 01, 2006

Charlie Grapski: Alachua Activist

Exclusive Post-Trial Interview
Everything Alachua County


Anonymous said...

Christian, can you posy something else like this Swamp Rebel or the SigEp vs AEPi thingy, cuz no one is interested in Grapski.

Christian Duque said...

Well I know CG is not necessarily what TR-readers are used to and believe me I didn't post the mini-feed for hits, but he is a friend and this blog does get the hits, so I'm doing it more as a public service than anything.

We'll resume regular coverage soon enough. I've received a couple rumors about Weiss that are going to take me the better part of December to verify w/o blowing the lid off my sources.

Hopefully we'll win the SEC today:)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 4:32. No one cares about Grapski. The only way he gets any kid of attention is because he sues those who disagree with him. Clovis Watson gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Actually guys, this is Christian's blog and if you don't like the content you can go somewhere else... Oh wait... there is no other place to go. Christian, you have a monopoly on the SG blogosphere!

Cheers! Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You kiddin!

This is the most amazing freak show of politics I have ever seen take place in real life.

What does it take for the people to revolt when their officials are so obviously corrupt!

But what this guy is showin' is how much power even one person has against those who think that because they are in power they are necessarily powerful enough to do whatever they want.

In the end they loose. Keep watchin'

And Christian keep bringin' more!