Sunday, January 28, 2007

George Smathers

The Votes Are In! (Sort Of)...

"Should the Senate have honored
Fmr. Sen. George Smathers with an official resolution?"

Charlie GrapskiNay
Brian AungstNon-Partisan*
Chris CarmodyReplied Privately
Sen. Jordan LohYay
Rosemarie CloustonNo Reply
J. Clayton BrettNo Reply
Sen. Gavin BakerNo Reply
Bruce HauptNo Reply
Thomas JardonNo Reply
Sen. Lindsey JohnsNo Reply
Amanda KaneNo Reply
Fmr. Sen. Pedro MoralesUnclear
Nick CapezzaNo Reply
Ryan NelsonNo Reply
Sam GreenNo Reply
E.J. WalickiNo Reply

Read The Full Opinions: Here

If this roll call vote is any indication of what senate must have been like, I can only say that it's bizarre how SG has been able to rule over the students with one all encompassing political party. I eagerly anticipated responses from regular contributors (Baker, Walicki, Nelson) receiving none, I understood Aungst's reasoning as his position is clearly non-partisan, I was grateful to hear Grapski's insights, surprised at Sam Green's silence proving once and for all that this man is no Jamal Sowell, not even close, a friend of the blog's when the blog looked out for him, but not heard from since then. Even Swamp's own version of John McCain didn't reply, old school Indie's either didn't reply or asked their answers not be published, meanwhile others replied in voluminous fashion and failing to boldly reply in agreement or disagreement.


Anonymous said...

You grossly overestimate your importance, Christian.

Anonymous said...

virgil, you're the bestest.

Chris Carmody said...

Thank you Christian for keeping my response private. I guess I should have elaborated. I will say on the record that the Senate should have approved the resolution to Senator Smathers. I just preferred not to get inolved in all the semantics of why or why not. I admire his committment to our university and that is enough for me to believe he should be recognized. Go Gators!

Christian Duque said...

Yeah Virgil you rock! I especially love your blog, last updated in August right?...

Charles Grapski said...

You are always welcome to share my thoughts PUBLICLY.

George Smathers' legacy - is that of a DISGRACE to the University of FLorida.

It TRAINED him to be corrupt and unethical.

That is not what an institution of higher learning should be "proud of."