Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What A Game!

Short post. Heard most of the first quarter on the radio, watched the second quarter at Campus Club, then the second half at a great house party where the game was projected on an entire side of the house. Drank beer, haven't had beer in five months, great tasting and never again for another five. Girls at the party went streaking, still salivating...Massive kudos to our fighting gators, but especially big kudos to our kicker, 40+yd field goal that really got the morale goin. When Ohio scored the first td I was at the edge of my seat anxious to see our response, I got a little nervous at that flag with two seconds to half time, fearing an OS hail mary but didn't happen, thank _ O D!

Who was on Univ. Ave? With three minutes left in the game we all took to the streets, hundreds, thousands, it was unreal! While GPD shouldn't have pepper sprayed us for setting that buckeye on fire, it was awesome. The only thing more cool than that, would be a throng like that headed to the Reitz to grab SG bureaucrats and give 'em a dose of mob justice. LOL

Oh before I forget. Two nights ago I was doing bicep curls and heard the ad on Rock 104, that generic ad that goes, "make UF better, get invovled with SG, go to the Reitz get an application and we'll put you in the Accent"... what a crock, but nice to hear the hunger in the ad-actor's voice. Total rubbish, but very entertaining. LOL


jcb said...


A few weeks ago, I brought forth a resolution supporting a fellow Gator and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity brother who had been kidnapped in Iraq. Thanks again for acclamating that bill. I thought I would update you all on the new information we heard over break:

(The links are broken up for space; cut and paste each segment)

This is the CNN story/video:

This is other link is an Israeli-centric blog, but has covered the hostages for months:

I haven't seen most of ya'll in while, but I hope everyone is well.

Anonymous said...

The game was awesome, and JCB, i read about the guy kidnapped in Iraq, and didn't realize he was your frat brother. I hope he gets out.

Christian, I just got a chance to read the James Argento interview, he seems like a pretty cool guy. I don't know how many individuals can say they beat the greeks and FBK, but he is one of them. However he doesn't strike me as a rebel? Also he seems very modest, if I beat FBK in a student election I would be shouting it from the streets.

Christian Duque said...

Yea James is definitely a great guy!
But the more I think about it, I think GDI's should focus more on empowering the Indies than in defeating the Keys. As of late the lines have been slightly skewed and I think the plight of GDI's has become more a question of reining in its own powerbase than worrying about either the Greeks or FBK.

Run real Indies, with a real GDI party and then talk about FBK and the Greeks. It's been awhile. Thanks for the post ;-)