Sunday, January 07, 2007

Indies In Dire Staights

Some possible names for Spring:
Will Atkins
Vanessa Goodwin
Jesse Wright
Jusin Bell

Saddenly I don't think we'll be seeing Ryan Nelson or Gavin Baker run, though I still believe these are the kinds of lead-candidates that would mobilize GDI's and in turn re-awaken the Indies (remember I view GDI's as distinct from mainstream Indies). Other sources continue to hold that Josh Weiss is the only hope for the Indies, only problem of couse is...he's not an Indie and with the Access flame long gone, most GDI's will not look the other way to another Hernandez or Siler, it's no longer understandable for Indie leaders to line their pockets with FBK rejects in the last-ditch-hopes and getting back in there and then changing things, that just won't cut it anymore and it's evident by Action's loss to Nina. (This is not to offend CC, but the Indie's need a real Indie tried and true and anything short thereof will be pd. for at the polls).

Gavin Baker is a true Indie; Tommy Jardon is a true Indie; Ryan Nelson (despite being Greek, which has nothing to do with being an Indie) is a true Indie; but sadly none of these big names will run, for whatever reason. Another great choice would be Nikki Grant, who knows if Nikki Grant couldn't be the African American Nikki Fried? Sadly, I don't think the Indie leaders have that kind of faith in her, I don't think they would even give it a second thought -- which is very sad because she could definitely score a huge hit and bring back some of those Progress kids that got lost along the way.

Just think about it.....Josh Weiss and Ryan Moseley...standing there trying to out-starch the other, locked in horns trying to be the most sheik, the most with it, the most regal. One word describes them and the election between them: boring. Now picture both of them (or one of them) standing next to Gavin Baker, Ryan Nelson, Tommy Jardon, or Nikki word chaotic.

You claim your for trimming the fat, I have this file here....
The students voice lies in this referendum, a referendum that's become our battle cry!..
I am not the candidate of the establishment, I am your candidate!

You're not going to hear either a Weiss or Moseley speak that way; it would be civil, it would be proper, if only there were cigars and brandy and you might as well give 'em barker loungers and let them take a nap through the elections results. Give the students a firebrand GDI and they will react, deal with the Greeks, deal with FBK, deal with Tap Dancing Club. Deal is not a bad word, get off your Billy Graham rockers and realize you are in politics and just because Dennis Ngin found Jesus in a glass of Ice Tea and decided deals were not the way politics were supposed to be done at UF doesn't mean you have to. Go to TEP and offer them Pro Tem, go to Sigma Kappa and offer them Accent, if the president of the Swedish Club and can get you Swedish support at UF in exchange for your backing him in the upcoming Nigerian Student Union presidential election, give it to him, you need to get some votes!

I sounds like a degenerate here and I'm kidding to a great extent, but Dennis' style is bullshit and I wouldn't say so unless it permeated the Indie movement. Indies are dirty too, we always have been, I was brought into Access on a deal, a deal I haggled over, a deal I negotiated, and my terms not been meant in any capacity I'd a been behind Scott. Public office is noble work, but politics is dirty and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll be able to get elected and started carrying out some of that very noble work you'd like to perform for the public.

I hope we'll see Gavin, Ryan, Tommy, or Nikki run. I would be happy to see the others consider it as well. I would be as upset if we lost the BCS tomorrow as if I saw Josh Weiss run on behalf of GDI's and Indies in yet one more bullshit attempt to recapture SG by totally selling out.


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Take a look at this.

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Thanks for posting that. Great link :)

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Hey CD and all other SG geeks! Holler from Madrid Barajas Airport as I wait to board the grueling 10 hour flight to Miami. GO GATORS!!!


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Where are all of these sudden ideas about Bell and Wright coming from?

Swamp Party Leader JCB said...


A few weeks ago, I brought forth a resolution supporting a fellow Gator and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity brother who had been kidnapped in Iraq. Thanks again for acclamating that bill. I thought I would update you all on the new information we heard over break:

(The links are broken up for space; cut and paste each segment)

This is the CNN story/video:

This is other link is an Israeli-centric blog, but has covered the hostages for months:

I haven't seen most of ya'll in while, but I hope everyone is well.

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Oops, this is the old post. I'll move it up one.