Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lebanon: What Was Accomplished?

New Headline;
"Israel pulls out of Hezbollah stronghold"
By KATHY GANNON, Associated Press Writer
10 minutes ago

TYRE, Lebanon - Israeli troops pulled back from a key Lebanese border town Saturday where it battled Hezbollah for a week, claiming to have finished its mission after the bloodiest ground fight of the 18-day war. Israeli warplanes blasted bridges and demolished houses in southern Lebanon, killing seven people, including a woman and her five children

Articles like these are popping up all over the net, the print media, and on tv screen in millions of homes around the world on a nightly basis. Tel-Aviv's still as-of-yet unclear war has left hundreds of Lebanese men, women, and children displaced, terrorized, living in ruin, maimed, and/or dead. Despite the cowardly attacks of Hezbollah on innocent Israeli citizens, we have now come to the day when an internationally-recognized government openly uses its military to crush the civilian infrastructure of a rival nation, where troops of a Western-backed break into sovereign nations and as opposed to using their military superiority to pacify a region, they use it to overpower it. We have seen the political castration of Egypt, a once mighty Arab state wind up as a pitiful satellite of U.S. & British interests delving even lower down the spiral state-whoring to the West than even perhaps Saudi Arabia.

This "war" fought between the IDF and Hezbollah has been an act of terrorism if there ever was one. The IDF have used their fighter jets to pound Lebanese targets in a way that goes far and beyond anything expected. The IDF sent in its best fighters to attack a nation that had no air force, that meager-at-best anti-air defenses, whose army had not engaged to the IDF, and whose citizens clearly guilty of being alive...and the IAF fighters soared into action and destroyed bridges, power stations, roads, and lives with reckless abandon.

Today...we read about the UN Security Council is giving Iran one more month's time (thanks to Russia & China), we continue to read reports involving U.S. Foreign Policy to pull Syria away from Tehran, we continue to hear U.S. President George W. Bush & the U.K.'s PM Tony Blair continue to rally against the democratically-elected Hamas government of Palestine...once again milking the memory of the 3,000+ dead of 9-11 to serve their own mutated political aims.

I for one wish there were more Americas and Britains....but also....more Russia & Chinas. The idea that two nations can have their run of the world is frightening. With foreign policy continuously re-inventing itself, I would hope that we would live in a world where at least two sides exist, if anything to keep things in a balance. Iran deserves nuclear energy (the evidence is sizeable that no plans to enrich uranium for bomb-making purposes exist in Iran's nuclear program); Syria should not be intimidated to follow a political course other than its own; Lebanon and its 18 diverse ethnic and religious communities should have the right to co-exist and rebuild their nation however they see fit (and without Israeli/Western intervention); and lastly, if the West truly wants peace in the region, then they should be just as willing to accept the fruits of democracy when they lose (i.e. to a Hamas or a Hezbollah) as to when the voters elect Western-friendly leaders (i.e. Abbas, Malaki).

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