Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Irony: How The UF Bureaucracy Operates

So...it took Katyushas to fall on Haifa and IDF tanks to battle it out with Hezbollah commandos on the Littany River for DSO to finally come out and not only support a Panel on the Middle East, but host it!

Some of you may remember a similar project put together some two years ago by one very radikal student senator, one very radikal cabinet director, and their fraternity brother, called the Filibuster Series.

Filibuster was a serious attempt to have a representative from each of six groups: Nakba 48, Islam On Campus, the Arabic Cultural Association, Gators For Israel, the Israel Project, & the Jewish Student Union at a roundtable discussion, moderated and funded by Filibuster Series. We were to rent out a portion of the Reitz Union ballroom, we were going to use funds from the Student Advocacy Cabinet (funds that had been approved) and we organized the event professionally. Once everything was falling into place, the Jewish side boycotted, DSO (allegedly proven in documents obtained and heavily redacted by the Independent Florida Alligator) ordered then SB Vice President Jennifer Puckett to fire the cabinet director, and the group fell apart. Even though a smaller version of the event was held defiantly at the CMC, DSO destroyed movement that it seems today, they are trying to create.

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