Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hey There!

Well for the first time in a long time, I don't know what's going on in SG and don't really care either (well maybe a little but not enough to find out). Mainly I'm working a crappy job and taking my sweet time completing my law school application, meeting with profesors for letters of rec, working out, and trying to cling onto living in Gainesville as long as possible before moving to a major city. Yes, I'll probably be done with school by the time most of you are married, have kids, and are paying off your mortgages, but then to each his own. I take longer, but you only get one chance to live and while I believe in heaven and all that, who really wants to gamble?

A few weeks ago I was leaving Orion Fitness (my new gym) and saw the Alligator with Mike Patrone on the cover. I was so proud of him to see as the new Senate President. I felt a feeling of solidarity when he said he was doing this because he cared about Senate and not for presidential hopes (it's early yet, but nonetheless it's nice to see that at least one SG bigwhig values the Legislature and will not milk it or put his/her footmarks on it as yet another stepping stone office). I also got to read a letter from Josh Weiss explaining his role, both the letter from Weiss and the article on Mike were both pretty generic but nonetheless, I was really happy to see some kids with backbone in office.

I think next I'll write about how the State of Israel is committing war crimes on the Palestinian people in their invasion of Gaza or perhaps I'll discuss the waning influence of the Progessive Caucus of the DNC. I'm not sure, but I had to update the blog. I hope everyone is doing well and that Gavin Baker remains the true leader of the independents...I hope that kid runs for SB president.

Christian Duque

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Christmas Child said...

Please don't mention SBP and Gavin in the same sentence. Gavin scares his own people...hardly the "true" leader of the independents. I don't think even he would accept that title, lol