Monday, July 17, 2006

For Appearance's Sake?

Well I'm not going to comment on this year's Growl, except to say it's absolutely pathetic that SG has done nothing to strip this elite organization of it's rampant double-standard-benefitting-status..however the guilt is shared as no one was able stop it during my day either. Not looking to play the blame game, just reiterate for 2006 just how blatantly corrupt both the UF administration and the highest echelons of UF's Studnet Government are for not blocking this 'tradition' yet another year. When you hear people tell you that FBK's power is waning or that the Good Ole Boy network is no longer today what it once was years ago, sigh & roll your eyes, because as long as FBK benefits unlawfully from A&S Funding with the blessing of the UF Administration and taps its foot to the songs of praise from elected SG officials, then NOTHING has changed.

Now what's really caught my eye is this:

Sororities warn potential recruits of Facebook pitfalls

Just what the hell has come over the Pi Chi & Panhellenic people recently?

"Facebook is dangerous," Crenshaw said. "It's like you're in a house with all the windows open, and anyone can look in and see everything."

This article basically states that sororities are going to start profiling...sure...most of the Greeks on campus do it down racial lines (and don't tell me otherwise: Whites - PC/IFC, Blacks - NPHC, Hispanics/Asians - MGC, some exceptions but I can literally count them on my right hand), so know Greek organizations are going add another criteria: "morality."

Strangely enough their new criteria isn't discreetly sought after, in fact, this article does a great job of blowing it up. So, will the organization's draw out 'better' candidates? No. The organizations have essentially stated what they are looking for and what they are not, so in turn, the potential recruits may make their profiles private or simply alter them to better cater to this year's sorority profile

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