Friday, April 14, 2006

To Gareth

I remember talking to you on Turlington about how similar Progress was to Voice and I remember you being a very strong campaign-man at Engineering. Later we corresponded frequently discussing a myriad of issues pertaining to student government and its political parties. I also remember the phone calls, the ones where you asked me for advice, the later ones when we differed on stances, and the last ones where we fought one point against the other. Our relationship was strictly political and while evolved in many respects away from each other on certain issues, I always admired your passion and drive. You were one of the students that didn't get HIS glory day, that didn't get to ride the victory wave yet you fought hard and you were always aware of the moving and shakings as well as the movers and shakers within the Student Leadership community.

I will never forget you, Senator Gareth Kerr.


Michelle L. said...
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Michelle L. said...

Thank you for your comments on Gareth...
it's amazing to see how many people all across campus (and Gainesville) that he's touched.