Thursday, April 13, 2006

As Radikal As I Wanna Be!

Delivery drivers 'easy target' for robbery

This article really upset me for a variety of reasons, but when not dealing with SG or college sports this is the kind of city coverage the Alligator should be known for! This article was excellently written and truly conveyed a strong message.

I've thought about ways to business owners could curb these kinds of attacks, ways the police could lower these crimes (i.e. by foot patrols like in major cities and/or opening Sub-Stations in rough neighborhoods as is done in Miami, Atlanta, NYC to name a few), but the police and the law may not be the best way to solve this problem. To be quite honest, if pizza delivery drivers are being beaten to within inches of their lives in some cases and in other cases being lured to ambush sites by crackheads then the problem has already degenerated to a point where the police and the standard means of the law can no longer be an effective solution. If the police and the Judicial system were effective journalists would not be writing about articles like this much less quoting police officers as saying people should not go entire sections of a city because they are unsafe, that in and of itself is a CONFESSION that the police have failed and coupled with that failure comes an inability to enforce the LAW and inability to protect the tax-paying public.

I'm a pragmatist on certain social issues such as violent crime and in such a situation sometimes only irregular powers that be can deal with the scum of the underworld. These irregular powers that be can be citizen-based in the form of what is loosely known as Vigilante Justice (no not Citizen Patrol, that's a joke anyhow) or through protection offered by organized crime entities such as the Mafia. I am sure the police know more or less who's behind every attack, every mugging, every robbery but lacking needed evidence and search warrants and having to deal with civll rights they are not able to move. A vigilante group or a Mafia family would take a violent crackhead, drag him to the middle of the street and shoot off both his kneecaps and leave him there screaming for all to hear....after that night no crackhead who dare rob another delivery guy and so on and so forth based on the severity of the offense.

I am not advocating either vigilante justice or organized crime, but what I am stating is the obvious. The police have failed and it's not because they're inept it's because the criminals have taken control of entire neighborhoods where the police cannot ensure even the most basic level of security, where they're quoted as saying so much in a newspaper! If business leaders in Gainesville, namely those exposed to robbery and criminal mischief against their employees want to stop being victims and fight back, they will have to do so in creative manners. Even cooperating is no longer enough, some of these criminals where hoods and even if they're victims cooperate fully and have no idea who they are, they'll execute them! It happens everyday, where's the JUSTICE for these people? WHERE?!

Illegal immigrants don't belong

I want to applaud Gary Strange for his magnificent and insightful letter to the Alligator today. Gary shows the Gator Nation that just because you have a small penis, a small square mustache under your nose, and closet sexual tendencies towards goats, sheep, and other farmland animals that you can still be a college student and get ahead in this life. Great letter Gary, you make sure and remebmer Christian Duque thinks the world of ya, hear?

I wonder if all those illegals from Europe in the 1800 & 1900's that helped build America working low-end jobs (like the Irish and Italians in NY through New England; the Portugese in NJ, the Greeks in FL, the Cubans & Haitians in Miami that took that swamp and made it one of the fastest growing cities in America are "criminals" as you seem to refer to what seems to be Mexican-Americans to be). Your fears of educational problems are also unwarranted....a seventh grader in Cuba probably has a better comprehension of math than you do, children coming from many Latin American countries boast of through-the-roof math scores and what can be said about Asian Americans and their commitment to education and hardwork, what can be said about all the Haitians I know in Miami that literally worked their fingers till they bled, that sacrificed living two, three familiies to a home working seven days a week and now having their own homes in Key Biscayne, contributing to society and making Miami better everyday!

This country was built by immigrants and you're way out of line to call these people criminals. Also...let me also include that that arguement about looking out for legal immigration is about as solid as the defense of racists that claim "I can't hate black folks cuz I have a black friend." Don't sit there and repeat the tired-old-anti-immigration rhetoric. It's my opinion that people like you have a lot more to say but your peanut sized testicles just don't produce enough manhood for you to speak out. But that's just my uneducated and presumptuous OPINION of course.

Israeli abuse subsidized by U.S.

Omar Abdelghany writes an interesting letter albeit chalked full of recyled-Pro-Palestinian-rhetoric. I like that he's trying to inform the greater public about the disproportionate U.S. funding between Israel & the PA, however, what would things be like if the U.S. didn't fund either side? What then? I honestly feel that the both the military and economic achievements of Israel are almost equal to those of post-war Japan or Germany...without heavy aid from the West, in this case solely the U.S., Israel wouldn't be much today.

Take the sham of the '67 war. The IDF are credited as military geniuses, the Israeli people are credited as fighting to the limits! Now I don't doubt the IDF and the Israeli people fought hard, but harder than the Soviet at Stalingrad...harder than the Hungarians in Budapest in '56? No...I personally don't think so. History makes it seem like the Arab nations, notably the nations under Nasser's UAR couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag and the Israeli's annhilated them based solely on their military prowess....please....that's bullshit. Israel is a dependent state that has never done anything for itself COMPLETELY on its own, even in '67 they counted with DIRERCT U.S., British, and French military, diplomatic, and economic support.

I am a proponent of Palestinian AND Israeli SELF-RELIANCE, both of these states need to get off the breast of the west and fend for themselves, it's only been fifty-eight years ya know...

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