Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In The News w/ (You Guessed It..) Christian Duque!!!

CLO alumni raise $100K for repairs to the building

Just as time runs out, the residents and alums of CLO seem to find one last way to evade defeat, but UF is ever-resourceful in shutting them down. There will be no co-ops on this campus, with the closing of Buckman, CLO remains the last "problem" in what Bernie Machen and his faceless bureaucrats want to see for this campus. They succeeded in implementing Block Tuition (ensuring the vast majority students will be forced out by 124 credit hours), they have tightened admissions beyond the point of disbelief (scroll down), they are in cahoots with CITY leaders to infringe on student' pleas to extend the bar-closing-time by one hour, and they are currently further scrutinizing potential applicants beyond the GPA and SAT prerequisites..."admissions staff, UF faculty and high school guidance counselors from throughout the state - must consider whether each applicant would fulfill a need of the university," (but what "needs" does UF have, certainly rebel-rousers, dissenters, and political activists would not really merit the institution's "needs,"** because we already have plenty of big-titled cronies on Machen's payroll assuming the charge of "activism" on our campus.

No my beloved Gators (students, alums, and diehard supporters), Mr. Machen and his cronies don't want to negotiate, the writing is on the wall. The CLO alums are not asking for matching funds or are they asking for extended periods of time, they putting in their money and making repairs, they are bringing up the buildings to code, but UF's version of the code may be the University Corners' code not the city code. All that I say on this blog is opinion-based, my opinion, and in my opinion it's good that the CLO alums are helping, but the CLO students and independents from all over campus need to step it up a knotch. Start petition drives, make a website, organize a protest on BERNIE MACHEN'S LAWN, bring pots and pans and make sure that motherfucker from Utah knows that needy students have a right to a place to live just as much as the rich kids...oh yeah...make sure to get a "PER-MIT" for that protest. Whew!!...

**Source: http://www.alligator.org/pt2/060411admissions.php

Leaders want smaller SG

I'm glad to finally see some consistency out of the Office of the SG Vice President. I want to applaud VP Elect Washington for carrying on the torch of VP Medina in this most noble of ways. It's always been my belief that cabinet is an excessively large and almost impossible-to-manage SG entity. For years cabinet directors have been chosen based on failed senate runs and campaign-trail favors, their work has been little-to-none in many of the posts, and while it's believed the Vice President controls the team through his/her Cabinet Chairpersons, the bottom line is that Veep controls nothing, it's all an illusion, one GIANT sham...almost like a big fat joke sustained by sadistic senate leaders.

Reducing the size of cabinet will increase accountability, hands down. Reducing the size of cabinet will also increase the power of the remaining cabinet directors as to where these "folks" (I'm using a Bush'ism here to win over the Country Clubbers) might actually have the power to order more than a pizza for themselves. Reducing the size of cabinet will also increase the role of the Veep in SG's day-to-day affairs. Cutting bureaucracy is always a plus, but it's also a road seldom chosen by elected officials. Reducing the size of cabinet indirectly reduces the bargaining power of the president (bringing his/her's appointment powers from roughly 450+ to around 420 [no pun intended]). For those of you who are ready to say "No Christian, directorships aren't given out to just anyone, much less to folks that lose senate runs," I'd have to politely and immediately disagree and cite about half a dozen examples from our own Yellow & Blue Revolution.

A wise & dirty politico sees each cabinet as 1 (or 2 directorships), 1 designated A.D., 2-4 director-designated A.D.'s (this where cabinet and MLM business schemes coincide), and an unlimited number of "staff members" that the administration and/or director may select. Now...who in their right mind would want to be a STAFF MEMBER on the pretty much dormant Capital Improvements cabinet....not anyone that actually wants to make a difference, but to a straight-A student with ties to AKPsi and a Finance degree that got Party X 30 votes and campaigned on an average basis...this minor role might just the little edge he/she needs to win over a future employer or get him/her into grad school. Less directorships means less favors, BUT as far as STUDENT LEADERSHIP and commitment to SERVE, there can be no more noble a deed.

So.....I'm hoping that President-elect Boyles will support his VP and that his support will bring out the true/blue leaders in Gator/Swamp to support VP-Elect Washington. By the same token, I hope that Sen. Baker and the Impact/Unite senators will do their part in meeting Washington/Boyles in the middle and shaking on this groundbreaking piece of legislation.

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