Monday, November 02, 2009

Yanuck Responds; Wooten Stands Firm

Is Alan Yanuck Ditching O&B?

"On O&B turning on me:

I've heard nothing about this, I think its merely a product of our largely college democrat roots coming to head with the fact i'm a staunch republican and took an opposite stand on the resolution.

I'm sure it'll blow over as we get back to Student Government internal work, such as executive appointments, corruption, etcetera.

i totally forgot to address me joining Unite

I've been joking about it, but i thought it was obviously a joke

Sen. Alan Yanuck
Orange & Blue Party

"He literally showed it [messages from Unite's Regalado] to me and talked openly about it in front of Midlebrath, Ossip, Graham, Donte, and I think TJ Boyd.

At a Sushi place after Senate."

Justin Wooten
The Progress Party Hardliner
(Title as of now given him by

For yesterday's post I posted a question based on some allegations I'd been hearing. I contacted Sen. Yanuck today and asked if he could give his take on the matter - mainly b/c it's critical to his reputation, as well as his character to be able to defend himself in this forum with every resource available. He not only refuted the allegations, but delievered a very well written rebuttal. Still, we're not really going for the best written answers, as much as we are with the truth.

Sen. Yanuck is a good guy, Wooten is a good guy. I just want to get the low-down with as little fillers and additives as possible - so that I can then relay it to you guys and my beloved alumni so out of the loop they think Library West is still closed.

Here goes...

"One moment, let me get the numbers.Students for Justice in Palestine request $5,795 for their group. Among the activities they wanted to hold were 'Winter end of Semester Social' where essentially, we provide them with 150.00 worth of food for them to serve to their members..

This event would cost a total of 460.00 with publicity. Several events which are happening in the SPRING, when we were giving them a fall budget these events totalled 1,515+755+855+60

As well as an event where we would, full price, send members of SJP to a conference in new hampshire which they could not demonstrate would provide any benefit to the student body as a whole, but merely to the people who went Student Government policy always has, and probably will continue to be, that these kinds of events will not be funded for very good reason, as spending 450$ to send a few students to new hampshire is a very expensive benefit to only a few students when we attempt to provide the greatest possible benefit to everyone on the floor, i made an amendment which would have struck a further 150$ from the budget.

Because they wanted to spend 150$ to put a stage up in Plaza of the Americas on being asked what benefit this would provide, they merely assured me that it would provide benefit. In the end, this amendment was not seconded, and I voted to fund them, despite this minor objection.

I have no idea when I became 'racist against arabs' and find such claims to be completely ridiculous.

We merely told them to ask for funding for their spring events in spring, and that SG should not provide money for socials or for conferences with no return benefit.

To me it seems that this wouldn't have been an issue at all if the group hadn't been inherently political, and i'm not going to overfund any group regardless of its agenda.

The Senate Allocations Committee couldn't have funded even 10 requests of this group's original size.

Its simple, I never do thinks I think are dishonest or wrong and i'm a decent enough debater that I can justify what I do."

- Sen. Alan Yanuck
Orange & Blue Party


I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for SBP Jordan Johnson for never getting back to me on my interview requests. I look forward to the upcoming elections.

"Where is Armando Grundy in all this?"


Anonymous said...

Where is Armando in all of this?

Anonymous said...

Where does County Commissioner appointed County Charter Review Cmte. Member Col. Armando Grundy-Gomes come in?

Anonymous said...

Todos Armando G.G. si se puede!

Christian Duque said...

Interesting board. It's got an Alachua figure, Grapski lead counsel, and our very own Armando RAMON Grundy Gomes.

Very cool, glad to see he's still got a dog in the fight for what he believes in.

Anonymous said...

Armando Gomes Grundy (A.G.G.) - his uncle served on the Escambia Soil and Water Conservation District.

Anonymous said...

Did Armando go to the U of W. Fla. at some point?????

Christian Duque said...

Yes, I believe he did.

I prolly shouldn't have published the photo... there's this undeniable interest in Gainesville for Ramon - not seen since the days Mike Belle would ride his bike to senate meetings and enter chambers with skin-tight/body-forming lycra bicycle shorts.

Anonymous said...

Armando was also involved as a Campus Coordinator for Cash 4 Gold (

Armando told me that commodities are VERY important in today's volatile market.

Anonymous said...

one of the most fascinating facets of Armando G.G. is his extensive and formerly prominent family.

Supposedly (according to what he claims) he's distantly but lineally related to Felix Grundy of Tennessee, who served as Attorney General under Martin Van Buren [1838 to 1840].

Anonymous said...

Armando needs to run for Sheriff after Sadie Darnell retires. He could pick up some Sante Fe endorsements pretty easily & he has law enforcement credentials

Christian Duque said...

Thank you.. umm... you seem to know an awful lot about Grundy. Though it's a bit disturbing, I do appreciate all your helpful info on RAMON.

Anonymous said...

"Inquests of novel disseisin, of mort d'ancestor, and of darrein presentment shall not be held elsewhere than in their own county courts, and that in manner following; We, or, if we should be out of the realm, our chief justiciar, will send two justiciaries through every county four times a year, who shall alone with four knights of the county chosen by the county, hold the said assizes in the county court, on the day and in the place of meeting of that court."


Wise words from the Magna Carta still applicable to-day!!!

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court will hear oral argument at 11 a.m. Monday in Shady Grove Orthopedic Associates v. Allstate Insurance Co. (08-1008)

Christian, will the Eric doctrine be overturned? If so, what kind of impacts will this have?

Supposedly Grapski filed an amicus brief in the case while it was pending before the E.D.N.Y. and 2nd Cir..

Christian Duque said...

I'll look into this tomorrow - love the format of the question. I'm, however, with a cold and pooped (tired, not incontinent).

Will be back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Duque, you think Del. David Poisson will pull it out in the fightin' 32nd??
Virginia House of Delegates
32nd District
Old Outlook: Toss Up
New Outlook: Slight-Lean Republican (Pickup)

At this point if he blows the election Tag Greason will need a tissue for something other than what he used it for in the Army. In all seriousness, this was a Kaine/Byrne/McDonnell district in 2005- and I expect McDonnell to win a fairly big win here while he is leading the ticket in a Republican year. For someone who has never won much crossover, this is going to be very difficult for David Poisson.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same Armando? I know he used to blog, but I didn't know about Armando on DailyKos. I though Armando was more conservative?

Anonymous said...

According to my sources Armando was planning on leaving Alachua County and applying to fill the vacant position on the Broward County School Board.

Armando has some competition for it, but I think he could pull it out. Here's the stiff competition:

Ricardo Moreno

Anthony Marco

Denise Schroeder

John Hurst

Anonymous said...

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(1) Any person, or agent thereof, who shall sell, offer for sale, or advertise for sale in this state any adulterated or mixed syrups whatever, except at the time of such sale or offer for sale the percentage of such adulteration or mixture and the name and post office address of the manufacturer is clearly stamped or labeled on the barrel, can, case, bottle, or other receptacle containing such syrup or mixture, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(2) The term "adulterated mixture" or "admixture," as used herein is understood to apply to all mixtures of two or more ingredients differing in their nature and quality, such as sugarcane syrup, sorghum syrup, maple syrup, molasses, or glucose.

Anonymous said...

And insanity ensues as El Duque allows Wooten to use the Radikal as a way to spread his agenda of hate and lies.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Chestnut: insurance claims adjuster Armando Grundy-Gomes, former University of Florida law professor Joe Little and Archer rancher Lura Williams Martin.

Paula DeLaney: Businessman Jim Stringfellow, retiree B. Rodman Tuttle and consultant Bill Richards.

Rodney Long: County employee D.J. Ferguson, attorney AuBroncee Martin and John Martin.

Lee Pinkoson: Businessman Mitch Glaeser, Irby and Santa Fe College administrator Guy York.

Mike Byerly: Businessman Robert Ackerman, carpenter Rob Brinkman and retired communications director Ashley Wood.

Anonymous said...

Cavataro, stop the hating of Grundy-Gomes. Just because you will never be as important and influential has him doesn't mean you need to rag on the man. Go back to eating your adulterated syrup in the dark and leave the rest of us in peace.

Anonymous said...

i hear gomes has gotten into really good shape this off season

Anonymous said...

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