Monday, November 23, 2009

New Diet Phase 'n Training Heavy!

Today is Day1 of 10. It's time tweak my body's insulin resistance and hawkishly monitor sugars, protein, and bad fats. I lost about 50lbs since stopping my diet in early October. These next 10 days will set the tone for the next stage of fat loss. I'm at around 290 (up 10lbs. creatine/waxymaize intake) right now and expect to be down to 265/270 by mid-January (still on 10g of creatine and .75-1g/lb protein). At that point I'll look to enter my first show, pull the supplements and lose 10-15lbs of water and walk on stage ripped to the bone at 250/255.

I can tell you right now... that at 250 I'll be amazingly vascular and cut -- but I also know I'll want to keep that crispness and those cuts, but I'll hate being so small. That's where it's going to really get tricky. What will I do?

Treadmill, Stairs, Elyptical... PAIN is PLEASURE

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old school said...

we will miss you at the wedding. Good luck on your exams.