Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stupid Government Wrong Again

I wonder if the United States Congress strives to one day see American men with bigger breasts than their wives and more fat that Barney from the Simpsons. Fat lardasses, huffing and puffing after climbing a flight of stairs, croking in the infancy of their 'old age' from an assortment of easily preventable illnesses from diabetes to cardiac arrest.

Anabolic Steroids shouldn't be illegal - that's the biggest crock of shit the gov't has sold you - the American public. With the exception of a little acne, some hair growth, and slightly higher cholesterol levels... AAS have jaw dropping benefits. Everything from birth control to astma inhalers to sexual health products to legal-overpriced "hormone replacement therapy" (try getting your HMO to pay for that...lmao) fall under the umbrella of AAS and bio-identical drugs.

Look at Arnold... Mr. Olympia, top-paid Hollywood movie icon, 2x Governor of California -- Steroid User. He was on the gear in the 60's when he was taking photos with the Blonde Bomber (Dave Draper); he was on the sauce for all 70's Olympia streak; he was juicin for his 1980 "comeback" where allegedly won the contest...; he was saucing for the Conan movies and NOTHING! Sly Stallone was taking a truckload of HGH and everyone went to watch his movie and he's doin just fine at like 130yrs old with shredded abs, flaring quads, peaked out bi's, horseshoe tris, and a chest that's hard, balanced, striated, and cross-striated. The guy looks amazing!

Anyways..why the post? Well as I was doing cardio this morning (3:30AM), I started thinking about how fucked up it is that WADA just banned Androstratrione (the very last pseudo pro-hormone [pseudo b/c it doesn't actually increase test, it inhibits estrogen)]. The stupid politicians are all in the hip pocket of the pharmaceutical companies -- they're the biggest drug peddlers out there and they will charge Americans at 20:1 rates, as compared with their Canadian counterparts. Our government let's these whitecollar hustlers to get away with it.

Low testosterone ain't healthy you stupid mf'ers!!! People in this country stuff their faces with grains (look at what kids are eating is school -- SHIT! CARDBOARD CARBLOADED SHIT!) We have shockingly high rates of gyno in men in this country -- MEN SHOULDN'T HAVE TITS! MEN shouldn't suffer from ED at the high rates they do in this country. Do you know that in 2003 and 2005 the Federal government cracked down on all pro-hormones? Do you know that in 2005 the Federal Government made Ephedrine 10x harder to obtain and actually raided supplement companies? Do you know that RIGHT now, thanks to the bozos at WADA, even anti-ESTROGENS are being removed from the market? You can no longer find the following on

Novedex XT
Methyl 1-D
11 OXO

It's 2003, 2004, and 2005 all over again. I heard LG Sciences has agreed to destroy over $1.3 million in inventory (according to a message board thread on a popular bodybuilding website). You'd think the supplement comapanies have lobbies? You'd think they'd duke it out with the morons on Capitol Hill, but not the case. It's just easier to go back to the labs and hack new molecular chains to create even more complex, less tested, less understood chains for new lines. That's probably one of the biggest issues I have w/ the government. They ban first and ask questions later... they have conducted virtually no clinical studies on AAS and yet they continue to speak with a level of certainty that's not only straightfaced, but damn near sinister.

The few clinical studies (double and triple blind studies) from respectable institutions readily dismiss such absurdities as "roid rage" and AAS related behavioral conditions. For those of you obsessed with test-shrinkage -- realize that the change is temporary (and the most testes will reduce in size is 20%). This 'shrinkage' is reversed with proper off cycle therapy (where the body naturally restores levels in test/E ratios - the idea of PCT is to help the body take back control of its normal processes.

I swear... you run into so much ignorance out there, even within the halls of academica, so many morons out there. Anyways, I've never taken, but the second they're legal, I'm taking a test drive. Though I'm blue to the core (Democrat), I had so much respect for Fmr. Speak Newt Gingrich just came out said it in his Little Red Book of the Republican Revolution - I still have that somewhere at home in Florida. I would have seriously considered voting for that guy on ATTITUDE alone. He openly admitted smoking DOPE and he'd sleep work his ass off all night, wakeup in his office, and go around the Hill with his hair all messed up and his shirt all wrinkled. I loved that guy... that's a workhorse and they fucked him - his own party and his own colleagues -- b/c you can't actually work in D.C. -- it tends to upstage all the bureaucrats filling their pockets with checks and then unloading all sorts of nonsense on the ill-informed (by choice) public.

If there were more Newts and a few more Dennis'es and a couple Ron Pauls in for good measure -- policy might still shift back and forth along party lines, but I wouldn't be posting this thinkpiece right here and you'd all have a hell of a lot more freedom.

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