Friday, November 06, 2009

Charles Grapski Prepares for Victory

After a long, often-questioned and largely written-off political stalemate between progressives and neo-conservatives in the City of Alachua, it seems now everything is coming full circle. Grapski, a staunch critic of Florida Blue Key and UF President Bernie Machen, is all for beating the charges on their merits - or lack thereof.
Resisting Arrest with Violence
(3x) Battery on a Law Enforcement officer

In an informal chat on the website, Grapski and Christian Duque of discussed matters dealing with the present legal case, as well as media coverage. Grapski believes that Gainesville Sun editor Jim Osteen refuses to cover him in a positive light, he also believes the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee is a joke - I agree with him.

Grapski expressed his desire to beat the charges, making mention of plea deals he's rejected that would have made the charges go away, when attached to time served.
"Sun's managing editor Jim O'Steen has told a member of the public on several occasions that they will not write anything on me that is positive. I'm not making that up."

Charles Grapski

I, personally, don't know what Mr. Osteen may or may not have said, but I've let him know of this post and I do hope he'll write back so that I may include his opinion(s). I will say that if it is true, I think that the paper's readership is done a great disservice.

Thinking Outloud wishes Charles Grapski all the best in his legal battle, as well as his attorneys Joe Little and Steve Bernstein. Charlie and I haven't seen eye-to-eye on everything in a long time, but he remains a HUGE historical figure and source of inspiration for the UF Independent Movement. Grapski's case made the world (but maybe more importantly the UF student and alumni communities)aware that a secret society existed, that a secret society ran the school through a 'good ole boy network'; that the Independent movement DID have a purpose and we were about a lot more than simply being 'the other guys', the people not in the top tier houses or the pretty boys with congressional district seats waiting for them upon graduation. Indies and GDI's (both democrats and republicans -- really rather a moot point for SG) owe Grapski a huge part of their history - this is why guys like Thomas Jardon and Justin Wooten (polar opposites in non-SG political matters) both consider Grapski a huge influence insofar as student leadership goes.

Grapski, Kerns, Argento, Duque, Gruskin, Jardon, Haupt, Miorelli, Dictor, Trimboli, Wooten, and ..... are the independent movement. We have a history and a legacy and this site is just a little proof of that.

And the legacy isn't about which guys ran the biggest parties or won the most votes... an example... Robert's Unite pounded Haupt's Pants -- which yes sounds a bit RAUNCHY...but... the point is, in terms of Indie History, Haupt is a federal senator and Roberts is chairman of a local, rural, deep southern Ad-Hoc Mosquito Control Board. No offense to Adam, but his party ran a candidate rejected not once (but twice by the Machine), it ran absorbed a "party" comprised by jocks with the combined iq of a pigskin, and it fathered more turncoats than Gene Simmons of KISS has had one night stands.

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I, too, am pushing for a merger...
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Grasshopper? Sure he must not be at UF anymore

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It's about as simple as good and bad, light and dark, truth and lies.