Friday, May 09, 2008

A Photo Says A Thousand Words

Call Frank Bracco crazy all you like, but it's usually the crazies that have proven the most faithful leaders of the Independent community -- Dan Fitzpatrick, Peter David Gruskin, Ben Mattison, Charles Grapski are the ones that go down in history, whether collecting party fliers at Turlington, losing their voice calling on the students to react via a megaphone, or suing a leadership honorary that has denied controlling every aspect of life at the University of Florida Student Government -- and winning. The fearless few, they're the ones we remember and the ones we'll celebrate. Bruce Haupt whether he cares to admit it or not, Bruce Haupt kept the Independent movement alive, he's the incarnate Jesus Christ of every independent today, all ten O&B Senators owe Bruce a beer and a thank you.

Anyways, I'm hoping we'll have the Ken Kerns interview completed by Sunday, so it should be up shortly. I also should fess up that I rejected a rather lengthy comment by Josh Simmons; quite frankly having him on my blog rather cheapens the page, no offense, but you'll notice I've never really done Q&A's with anyone of them. Simmons, was quite into the idea at one point, but there's no interest on my part. This is an Independents' blog, I will cover rivals I believe have some decency, but I will never give a Turncoat a forum with which to reminisce about the days when they sabotaged a movement whose message I once tried to spread with all my all.

Homeless Shelters & Walmart Supercenters: "Only the best for East Gainesville..."


Anonymous said...

Ummm, I think if Tommy was standing up during Frank's debate time, that would look a little silly... But that's just me

Anonymous said...

sam miorelli and joe trimboli kept the indie movement alive. some indie part would have formed in the spring whether bruce ran pants or not. no indie party would have formed in the fall if sam and joe hadnt willed it into being

Christian Duque said...

Fall is what made the difference and naturally, I'm sure many others were involved, but Bruce was the face of the Fall campaign. He had no reason to offer himself up for the abuse, if you really think about it there campaign was the toughest of all, they were the GDI's, Tommy rallied the Indies, Nina & Armando split the Greeks - or tried to.

francisco said...

Haha, yeah Tommy did about 65% of the speaking that night, I did about 20-25% and Shea did about 10-15%. That was actually a decent picture, much better than my mug shot in the Gainesville Sun :-).

Anon 2:13AM (I think I know who you are): A lot happened this past fall but I am glad the people that stepped up the plate did so. More people were involved than just what you mentioned though; some deserve credit, others would rather not have any credit given to them. I would like to think the other party appreciated having an “enemy” to run against as well. At least competition was kept alive and ideas were allowed to be exchanged. I was saddened it devolved to the point it did but individuals from both parties played a role in that debacle. Ultimately, it was the huge Fall loss (and lack of visibility) combined with the Andrew Meyer incident, the talk about Bright Future cuts, and the UF Administration’s missteps with certain groups that really created the coalition that formed in the Spring.

To other readers, please hold back on the flaming, it was Christian that posted thread not me (I bruise easily :lol:).

Anonymous said...

Frank has been a huge help to the independent movement in terms of financial resources, insider info, and the raw amount of time devoted to the campaigns.

it was 12 who got electected as well. bnot 10.

Also, by being elected, the O&B senators kicked out Hoffstetter and Rogers, two gigantic tools.

Anonymous said...

Censorship rules. When coming out?

Anonymous said...

I would like to congratulate Ryan Day for going to Ross University in Dominica. We all wish you luck in getting your medical degree from a subsidiary of DeVry, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Just to be anal, we elected 11 Senators (which when added to Ben Cavataro gave us 12 total)

Bruce Haupt said...

I think there is some confusion over which Fall campaign we're discussing.

Regardless, Fall 06 Pants was very stress-free and a lot of fun, at least for me. On the other hand, Fall 07 Progress looked like a lot of hard work with much strategerie involved -- I give major props to all those who took part!

- Jesus Incarnate of the Independent Movement

PS: My Mom ran into this post on google. I was speechless. Thanks Christian!