Thursday, May 15, 2008

If Clinton Wants VP, Obama Can't Stop Her

If you haven't seen this article (featured on, I really encourage you to. Though I'm not too familiar with Bob Beckel, although his resume seems quite impressive but he works for Fox News.

Has anyone seen this guy on tv? Should call Peter and ask him, as I don't even own one.

Overall, I think Beckel makes some very valid points. No matter which candidate wins, I'd love nothing more than to be proven wrong and see Obama triumphant. I will vote for him if he gets the nomination and I've been supportive, even bought his book. However, I'm always very apprehensive of the Fan Favorite and I just don't know how someone bolts out of the starting gate like that and remains viable for an entire primary and then throughout an entire general election.

I also don't believe Hillary is delusional just yet, I don't think she's in some cramped war room twenty meters underground, issuing orders to non-existent armies of staffers and peering over one over-sized, inaccurate map of Rodham-Clinton-loyal states. With a devastating, albeit somewhat "expected", victory in West Virginia, the former first lady is still winning contests. She may want Veep, like Beckel surmises, but I'm still believing she's going for the gold.

I also love how confident Obama supporters and the pundits are that "decided" elected-and-super-delegates are. There are no formal contracts that bind these folks to their stated preferences... after all, even at the general election level, where members of the Electoral College are expected to vote based on the majority of their State's voters, they don't! In some elections, like 1976, some Electors will even cast ballots for candidates that AREN'T even running to begin with.

I mean here we are predicting the future of the Democratic Party and of America, based largely on the day's mood of highly indecisive political insiders. Many of these so-called "Obama Delegates" were with Hillary before the Domino Effect started. I have a lot more faith in the undecideds that joined Obama, than the original-Hillary-ones that jumped ship like desperate stockholders bailing from a plummeting share.

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