Sunday, May 11, 2008

90 Degree Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood

I miss Lansing, actually I miss my apartment, the coffee shop, my gym, and my car, but here I am back in South Florida for a few days. The occasion? Mother's Day. Still, it was fun studying torts & contracts on an Airbus.

I'm already piecing together the trip itinerary for trip to D.C. in a couple of weeks. I mean who believe that TheRadikal has never seen the nation's capital...the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, all things that make our nation great -- well actually I'm going mainly to hang out with Pete, but the sites will be nice too. Hopefully I can get in on an anti-war protest, meet some leftists, and/or get some good books.

Anyways, just checking into the treehouse.


Anonymous said...

Cavataro will be in D.C. you two should have lunch.

Christian Duque said...

That might be a good idea. I remember eating with Bruce & Pete during his Veep run. It's not like they gave me inside secrets or even pearls of wisdom, but when I came into the game and had James Argento coaching me and later when I was able to re-form Voice and had a couple long phone conversations with Ken Kerns it meant quite a bit.

I don't know that Bruce got anything from talking to us that day, but I think it's good to have some cohesion in the Independent community. I would hope that today's kids can phone Gavin Baker or Amanda Kane and get some insights and/or just rap a little.

The GDI's need to create networks and maintain ties to those that came before them and those that will come after. Once these ties build, we'll be one step closer in finally & decisively beating back Florida Blue Key from Student Government.

Anonymous said...

Grove and Cruts will be in D.C., too. Have fun with that.

Anonymous said...

Who? BANNED and BANNED don't exist, not in D.C. - not anywhere!

Anonymous said...

It would be great if those ties and networks gave money to the Indie Parties for elections.