Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome To UF

Why do the GDI's even bother? I mean why do Independent leaders even bother applying to committee's which they will have no chance of swaying their favor? Why run in elections we all know the system brats are going to prevail in? I guess it's because we (the Independents) believe in the people, we believe that at some point the undeniable majorities that is the masses will react and wake up!

Ryan Moseley is a system drone -- there have been better and there have been worse. Having a UF professor listed as an officer of an Executive Committee formed to appease UF Vice President of Student Affairs, Patricia Telles-Irvin goes hand in hand with the UF Student Senate's Rules & Ethics Committee finding nothing wrong with a member of the Senate lying about his place of reference, a charge that any other Student Government would have found to be at least generously, contemptuous -- but this is a UF story.

Ryan Day - King of the Turncoats, another guy that's not the worse and certainly the best (there are bests in the turncoat game, guys I respect and say with all due respect Brian Aungst & Chris Carmody). Having Ryan Day chair the committee, naturally he's going to load up the appointments in favor of the System. Can anyone deny the political biases of the UF Supreme Court justices, do their rulings in any way even remotely accurately reflect the general attitudes of the general UF student body? How would the average student regard their highest court's rulings?

Naturally courts are not in the public opinion business, but I fervently believe that the times have a great impact on the law and I believe UF's highest student court is as intentionally out-of-touch with the student body, as are the Executive & Legislative Branches -- intentionally out of touch, intentionally deaf to the will of the student body.

Can't say or do much very much when the main impetus of the government is sow indifference. It's all for show, make it look impartial: the committee, the courts, cabinet, senate committees - make it look fair. The entire SG machine pushes indifference, but appoints a Frank Bracco to work his ass off getting kids to vote in adult-races, only to blatantly counteract that very civic morality each and every day with each and every student of the Gator Nation.

Welcome to UF.

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