Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Beleaguered GDI's Resist

"Sen. Ben Cavataro, Senate Party Leader for the Orange & Blue Party, said that despite holding 12% of the Senate seats and winning every seat representing CLAS, the Orange & Blue Party did not receive a single seat on any Senate committee."
You figure O&B has just one senator shy of the original Access Party -- what a difference a President can make.

I sometimes feel guilty and rather spoiled at all we had thanks to having the Executive Branch on lock down. The UF Senate' minutes read like that of an authoritarian novel, where the voice of dissent is consistently silenced; each time Cavatero motions, he's voted down, largely by the same drones that are replaced every four years, in their IFC/PC incubators, awaiting the faithful tap and the confirmation, the legacy, and the fanfare.

The University of Florida is not just home to Tasers applied to unarmed students, it's also home to one of the most undemocratic and out-of-touch Student Governments in the United States. A government which ignores the will of their constituents and whose courts indirectly sponsor voter suppression every time they bang their gavels.

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