Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finals Are Here

A few emails have trickled in asking if the World's Greatest SG Blog has said it's last hoorah. The answer is a resounding "Niet." Soon there will be CooleyRadikal, an offshoot of this site, a sort of indepth analysis of my stay as an SBA Senator at Cooley. TR will be back in late April with a special post surrounding the leadership of Voice Party leader Peter Gruskin and by early May, I hope we'll see the long-anticipated Ken Kerns interview.

Having Ken will complete the contemporary-Voice-era [Kerns, Argento, Capezza]. The modern-Voice-era is nearly complete [Duque, Gruskin].

Chris Carmody has also stated he'd do a Q&A, but with largely "off-the-record" material... the finished product might end up being a little dry - but who knows. I've also wanted to do a "Where Are They Now" piece. Anyway, back to studying.

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