Saturday, June 02, 2007

Open Email Project (R1)

*These are not entries. I'm working on my opinion regarding the most-noble appointment. Also, the Bud Calderwood interview will be up by tomorrow night.

Be Careful Who Seduces You...
Great Clip, From The Very Unpopular Sequel

The O.E.P. provided excerpts of vaulted emails. We don't edit the excerpts, but, I try to protect my sources by not giving clues as to who they may be. Even if you email me privately, I will not divulge their identities in any way, shape, or form.

Leaked Pre-Election

"Ben Grove, Josh Simmons, Ryan Day, and Kim Cruts were trying to barter off an Indie Spring Campaign for positions of their own. Kim and Josh wanted into Senate, Ryan Day wanted an Asst. treasurer post and Ben wanted something in Lobby."

Sam Green & The Undeniable Moseley/FBK Connection

"The three blocks that took place (Agrusa and Asher being the other two) are all well-chosen blocks. They are all allies of Josh Weiss, meaning that at some point down the road, like the Spring, they will get in when they apply again. Lauren Asher is a fabulous I+C chair and her block makes no sense, except that she favors Weiss and Pace favors Moseley. Block Asher and it looks like a Weingard/Theta Chi block. Ditto for Agrusa, who did not run for Pro-Tem after it became well known that Theta Chi was going to sit Kevin Reilly in favor of Sam Green. These two are good committee chairs."

[Real] Indies Grow Weary

"I still go here...I still have to deal with these people on campus. The majority of them I don't give two shits about--morons like Josh Simmons, Kim Sluts...err, Cruts--but I'm feeling very sorry for people like Ben Grove, who when I last spoke to him seemed very confused about supporting the system in a very un-indie-like fashion."

Much, Much More To Come...


Anonymous said...

Classy, Duque. And thoroughly relevant to, you know, current events. You're like the people who still whine about the 2000 election. Christ.

Anonymous said...

Nobody reads your city commission-homelessness bitching, so you post trash like this. You're nothing more than an national enquirer for sg.

Christian Duque said...

Maybe so, but at least I get to live with peace in my heart, that I never sold out. :)

Besides, these aren't my words. These are YOUR peers. So certainly, you aren't innocent by any stretch of the term and that's something you have to live with. Don't break my balls for what you did. And hey, if it was wrong then, what makes you think it's not wrong today.

You have the classic pysche of the guilty person..."STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PAST!" Right... and so what? The GDI's should forgive you traitors and pretend like nothing happened? The guilty say "forget," the victims say, "never again!"

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. When Duque doesn't release e-mails you all whine and complain. When Duque states he will release them in the future you state you highly doubt that. When he releases them, as he said he would, you complain some more. Either you are hypocrites or you are mad because the e-mails speak abou you in some fashion.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Josh, you don't like the heat?

Anonymous said...

So if I send you an email saying a certain press secretary is sleeping with a certain student body president...will you publish it?? I mean, really?

Cuz I mean, some random person saying some sensationalized news is always right.

Christian Duque said...

Excuse me.

Just because I won't reveal my source's names to you doesn't mean they are "some random person." For years my critics have used the fact I won't divulge even excerpts from my sources, trying to make the case that :

1). I've long graduated


2). I have lost touch,

when in reality my opinons have come from a careful review of inside information from trusted sources coupled with my own slants and my own experiences in SG.

Truth is, Ryan Moseley and the Indies that backed him are dirty. That's right, Christian Duque said Ryan Moseley is DIRTY.

I could destroy a lot of people, but I choose not to. i have compromising photos, a phone call on digital recording, and a video burned onto cd from 2006. I have no interest in hurting anyone, but the wool cannot go over the GDI's eyes again.

You have traitors, sell outs working for one of the dirtiest FBK-backed administrations since the John McGovern days -- you're living it. This guy will make John Boyles seem like Mike Belle. Just watch.

And if you dissent and he can't buy you out, he'll appoint you to a job just so you can't speak out anymore, because once you've been hired, it hurts the image to speak w/o clearance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, phone convo, I want a listen :).

Who isn allowed to speak out anymore.

What's the deal with you and the few indies/crazies that are left at UF like Foster, Bracco, Miorelli, and McBee?

Anonymous said...

No one cares that Kim is sleeping with Mose. Who hasn't she slept with? Oh ya, that would be Josh.

Anonymous said...

Sold out, yeah. If you could just address me as Senator Simmons from now on, that'd be great, thanks. Or wait, no, my bad, I'll have to resign Senate so I can be the new Chomp The Vote Director.

Fucking pathetic, Duque. Really. I don't really care who you are, what you think, or who you think you are, but if you find no problem in perpetrating this kind of nonsense and unnecessarily hurting people's feelings, then you're in for a long, lonely existence.

I was going to privately e-mail you my concerns, but after that little self-righteous rant of yours, I highly doubt you'd even read my e-mail, much less give any credence to my opinion. I'm anxiously awaiting your post, by the way, explaining how awesome Frank will be in his new position. And then how DIRTY Ryan Moseley is. Do you even realize how much of a joke you've become?

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, unless both parties knew the phone call was being recorded, it is illegal under florida law.

Also, did these people consent to their emails being released? Like, it'd be kind of shitty if something was said in confidence and then you broadcast it.

Anonymous said...

The 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore virgil, and there are good reasons to whine about it since Bush has been president.

Anonymous said...

and the roaches freak.

Christian Duque said...

As a matter of fact most people have consented. The anonymity of the emails is preserved. And as far as legal precedent you are incorrect. If there is illegal use of A&S fees and/or if there is a clear criminal nature in the phone calls, then NO, I am protected by the law even if I were to use the call. Many newspapers, most notably the Miami New Times are well known for doing it to elected officials and members of SG that are elected, are, elected officials.

However, my purpose is not to destroy anyone. By the end of 2007 no one (except maybe the most extremist of Keys and biggest posterboy Greeks) will argue that Moseley's administration is dirty. And thanks to the brave stand of Bruce Haupt & The Pants Party, even against turncoat GDI's, I am confident that a much stronger Independent movement will emerge.

Nostalgic of Access S04 and Impact F05.

And as far as Indies at UF. I still talk to Bruce, Will, Frank, and others. The Gavin Bakers & Ryan Nelson I dn't talk to anymore, I guess they are no longer in the game? I talk to at least 2-3 people from each era of SG, an era usually being a full fiscal year.

Some of the names that have committed to and have given me even just one line of info when needed, include members of SG as far back as 1997. It will all become available in 2008. I hope you enjoy the O.E.P., that's a treat for you non-believers.

And for those of you in SG, you know who you are, that are literally mortified of what I may have, you should be. Don't expect any phone calls or emails from me wanting Q&A's with you or wanting anything special. All I want is for you to take a lead and fight for those poor fucking students that think you're in this game to help them.

Anonymous said...

I trust you're giving my concerns the honor of a full post. I'm tired of having my names and my friends' names tossed around with wanton abandon and dragged through the mud. The least you could do is not be evasive when I call you on it, you worthless coward.

will said...


You may want to check with someone on the phone call. Florida is a two-party consent state.

- Will

Anonymous said...

Thank god some of us have been having fun not only on these blogs, but in sending e-mails to Christian as well to see what he will actually beieve.

Can't wait to see if any of these make it through.

Anonymous said...

Kim (12:37) You think he is going to post those emails where you promise you'll lead the indys.

Christian Duque said...

Hey...I enjoy blogging as much as the next guy, but I haven't insulted you on that level Josh. I lift dumbbells that weigh more than you with one arm. You must be of town -- or something. LOL

Christian Duque said...

she shouldn't play with matches.


I have no intention of using most of what I have. The phone call(s) won't be used, but naturally one of the two parties consents, who do you think gave me the audio? Additionally, if I really wanted or felt that it was needed (there was a point last year when I felt myself almost compelled to press the [publish] button) then I would take the chance of being sued.

Mind you, I'd take the risk of being sued and the person in question would take the much larger risk of being prosecuted by the State of Florida and possibly facing some pretty hefty fines and/or even a vacation with the state.

Like I said, it came very close last year, but it worked itself out . I can't, and won't, go into any more specifics. I probably shouldn't have said as much as I already have, but fuck it.

Time to go work back/tris. Cya!

Anonymous said...

Christian, if you want to be treated like a news source, you need to be a little better with the veracity of your anonymous sources.

Like, for real, you are acting like judge, jury, and executioner. You are slamming people that I know very well with statements that I know to be false.

You know, I've never met any system kid with such disregard for people and their feelings. Is it because indies are perennial losers that they are so bitter and hateful? We may not tap someone, but we don't try to ruin their life and ability to continue doing SG stuff.

Anonymous said...

And I can do math problems in my head that would take you pen, paper, and a year. What's your point? I'm in Gainesville for the summer and my address and phone number are in the UF Directory. I'm not hiding from anyone.

If you're going to sit there and continue to spread your silly conspiracy theories and then neglect to answer simple questions about its gaping inconsistencies, then I wouldn't care if you were 7'6" and could deadlift my car, you'd still be one of the smallest men I've ever known.

Christian Duque said...

Ok listen. The sources are anonymous to YOU, the READER. To me, they have names, emails, phone numbers, and I have met them and hung out with some.

Do you understand that?

Christian Duque said...

Josh, you're right. I shouldn't get angry at you for insulting me. I'm not the sell-out, you are. Why on earth am I diverting what would otherwise be your shame and making myself look stupid.

I've turned my frown upside down. Bye

Anonymous said...

You're right. I'm wasting my time too. After all, I have committee meetings to go to this afternoon. Since, you know, I'm apparently in Senate.

Christian Duque said...

From what I understand, there's a lot of things you wish you were in, but whether you are or not, doesn't change what you did.

I love this labtop!

Anonymous said...

What I did? You mean not waste yet another semester of my college career and another small chunk of my sanity running a hopeless campaign for someone I wouldn't even have believed was the best man in the race? Yeah, I'm just a nervous wreck of repressed remorse.

Anonymous said...

interesting that no one paid attention to your "thought out" response to homelessness and you went back to posting gossip.

legitimacy 0-joke 1

Anonymous said...

Josh doesn't like the facts that his "friends" sent in emails about him? Buck up solider, if you defend Kim's honor a little more maybe she will sleep with you.

That is what this is all about isn't it? You only care about the "Kim Sults" email.

Anonymous said...

4:40: Those emails burnt you? Go back to writing in the observer you tool.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty laughable that these articles could "burn" anyone.

Until someone stands up and says "I wrote that, and I'll attatch my name to it." They are just as credible as anything I wish to post anonymously here.

Bruce slept with Andy to get into FBK but after a lover's quarrel Andy blocked him.

I suppose that's true now. Or do I have to send it in e-mail to Christian before it's true? Does Christian have to make it up and pretend it's an e-mail before it's true?

The willingness some people have for believing this undocument garbage is ridiculous.

While I wasn't called out specifically above, I'm sure I will be as that's just the nature of this blog. I don't mind it, I take it with a grain of salt.

I just laugh at people who take this as gospel yet call duque an idiot/lyer/faker when other issues come up. Credibility... goes as far as the issue you care about.

Sign your name to your little letters, or let's move on as they mean nothing. Come talk to me face to face, sign your name to your accusations, be a man? Is that too much to ask? I guess so.

And what is Christian in all of this? The supposed middle man valiently defending his sources. Yeah right. If you're going to believe him - be honest with yourself and believe him ALL THE TIME not just when it suits your arguement. I guarantee you nobody who reads this site can possibly agree that everything Duque claims to be fact can be. You know why? SEVERAL OF THEM CONFLICT! It is actually impossible for Christian Duque to be a reliable source of information.

You may respond - how can you say all that and not sign your name? The response - My arguments are based on facts already presented, I am bringing nothing but an analysis people seem unwilling to do in their own heads to light. I'm not accusing anyone of any crime or random fault of character which isn't already documented on this site.

Were I bringing new and "questionable" information to liht I would most certainlysign my name to it. If I'm willing to say it and for it to be public knowledge - then by all means I should have the balls to put my name right there on it. In fact, even if all those e-mails, phone calls or whatever else are true it doesn't really matter. Because all of you "anonymous sources", "names withheld", "protected sources" are one thing - a coward.

I would much rather be a turncoat, a liar, a system tool, an fbk member, christian duque, or a number of other horrible things before I will be a coward.

So whoever sent those e-mails (and it's obvious you're interacting in these threads or at least some of the authors are) you are a coward. End of disussion.

Anonymous said...

"I would much rather be a turncoat, a liar, a system tool, an fbk member, christian duque, or a number of other horrible things before I will be a coward."

You preach it Anonymous.

bruce said...

who's andy?

damn my drinking! not another one! :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55 - I wrote the differences between my anonymity and theirs. They ARE in fact quite different. If you cannot comprehend that then I wonder how you got your parents to take the parental control which would obviously block tr.

Bruce - I made it up... that's the point, just because an anonymous twerp says something doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55: Josh, isn't kim calling?

Christian Duque said...

Some of you still don't get it. I'm a Radikal. How mahy times have I said I know that this product is usually not for everyone? When I get a thread with 30, 40, 50, or more comments sure I'm stoked, but that doesn't mean I write entries for the comments.

I get a kick how people assume I'm kicking myself for writing about the homeless or Alachua (both are generally received less than SG).

However, I know I'm doing something good when my little anonymous trolls attack one of these:

1). My age
3). When forehead girl would say YOU'RE A SUB TEACHER! (I still don't see the sting in that one).
4). You're A Joke


5). It's the past.

Oh well, happy blogging:)

Christian Duque said...


No offense, but I saw Kim at the SW. She seemd ok, but kinda plain jane'ish to me. Why is everyone into her? Can she cook or something?

Anonymous said...

She does make a kickass chicken marsala.

Anonymous said...

She is a slut for power who won't give Josh the time of day beyond a platonic friendship.

Anonymous said...

I think it is more to razz Virg then to attack Cruts. Most of us indies think higher of her than Clause because Cruts never jumped in the sack with him.

Anonymous said...

I just wish I could find some other friends but I'm just so pathetic no one else wants to hang out me. :(

Anonymous said...

Well you don't have any friends you didn't have to buy with pounds of your former friend's flesh.

Anonymous said...

At least I have skinny friends.

bruce said...

aww... you made it up? really? you sure? well diggity damn. :)

Anonymous said...

Post some letters about Mr. Josh.

Anonymous said...

Does Josh have asperger's syndrome. This isn't a slur it is a real question. Josh's behavior (extreme logic and a good memory coupled with his awful social skills) seems to indicate he does. I will stop mocking him if he has a form of HFA.