Monday, June 25, 2007

Democracy For Us, Democracy For You

It seems that Israel, much like its U.S. & British masters, has the right to legitimize democracies they like as "fair and legal", but also have the right of condemning [other] free elections where leaders they dislike (e.g. Venezuela, Palestinian Authority, or Iran) are elected as rigged, illegal, or illegitimate, whatever the hell that means.

Naturally when Hamas defeated Fatah in the polls, the IDF used any pretext available (see kidnappings) to pound the strongest concentration of Hamas-support, the Gaza Strip. From the moment that Ismail Haneya became Prime Minister, Tel-Aviv has encircled the Occupied Territories, cut Gaza off from Egypt, failed to recognize the new government, and even used grossly-excessive military action against a popularly-elected government.

Yet were this not enough, Israel has no pledged to support the Palestinian figurehead president, Mahmoud Abbas with military relief, as well as with the option of returning to the negotiations table in what many around the world see, as the opportunity to deal-make with a weak Palestinian leader and with a government defeated at the polls, but loved by the West.

Let's not forget that even when the Chairman lived, Israel tried to undermine him with Abbas. Abbas, in fact, is the Palestinian equivalent of Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi, a trusted Pro-West collaborator. The Palestinian people want Haneya and the Israelis want to force Abbas on them, because the latter will prove more rewarding for their Zionist exploits. This is a sad day in Mid-East Relations.

Even despite the pleas of (already too) Pro-West Arab powers like Egypt and Jordan, it seems that Abbas and Fatah are against the wall and time is running out. I am sure they will concede to anything Israel offers them, so long as they get guns and time, guns and time to hold back Hamas and the Palestinian People!


Anonymous said...

Stick to SG Politics. You reasoning is shit, your grammar is shit, and your opinion is shit. Open your eyes Christian... Wake up.

Christian Duque said...

The bottom line is that democracy is not really what the West (or Israel) is truly after. They seek to keep oppressed groups in line no matter what. The concepts of "democracy" and "development" are nothing more than games played by Western Powers in pretty blatant efforts at keeping oppressed peoples busy.

So I didn't proofread. Who's more ill-equipped to speak on these matters? Me for not proofreading or you, for your inability to figure out what I'm saying sans the presence of a couple of comas and/or spell-checked words?

This question and the fact you can't even put your name next to your opinion, prove my point almost entirely.

Dånêµ ëº Dånêf

Virgil said...

Wait, so you can declare SG elections rigged because you didn't like who won, but Israel can't? You have a pretty low opinion of God's chosen people.

Anonymous said...

Title: Al-Qaeda seeks unity with Hamas. With headlines like that, how could you not support them Mr. Duque?!?

Christian Duque said...


Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush also had ties with Al Qaeda, how do you vote Republican? Make asinine questions, you get asinine responses Mr. ____.

Christian Duque said...

However, before going to bed, I would like to celebrate the fact that even my dissenters feel the need to debate or attack me for my views. At least it shows that people in SG (past or present) do have political views outside of the Reitz Union.

Anonymous said...

Christian, your support for Hamas is laughable, being democratically elected by a people doesn't excuse the fact that they are a bunch of terrorist thugs who strap bombs to themselves and blow people up in pizzerias and discos. I guess you're ok with Hamas brutally taking over Gaza, throwing people off buildings, shooting people in the streets...what lovely people! but Fatah to you are just a bunch of Zionist conspirators right? that's makes killing them ok...regardless that Abbas got his phd in Holocaus denial...and yea..closing off Gaza from Egypt...when ur dealing with a country openly letting arms be smuggled across the border, ur damn right Israel is gonna stop up the can u support these people? really..wat are u on?

Christian Duque said...

Excuse me. Being elected entitles them to have a government. What they did in the past is not in question here. They were legally registered to participate in the election, they followed election rules & protocols, and they won.

Am I a supporter of Hamas? Actually to be correctly honest (and if you know anything about me) I have always been a supporter of Fatah, but at the death of Arafat and I've moved more and more towards Hamas, b/c what was once the PLO has become the Israeli-Ass-Kissing-Society.

Yes, quote me you Zionist troll. I'm a supporter of the POLITICAL WING, not the armed wing, of Hamas. I want to see a Free Palestinian state, not a 21st century Bantustan where Palestinians continue living as second class citizens.

Anonymous said...

Fucking retards like you separate the two... you are just another dumb sheep. You're smarter than that... at least I thought you were.

Christian Duque said...

I'm very smart. Yes I am :o)
A sheep I am not, never have been. I'm in love with you though, I can't admit it, but I am.

Anonymous said...

Is he a homeless guy behind the Kangaroo?