Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Smoke Clears

I guess one advantage of being 'in-the-loop' is knowing certain things as 'givens.' When you blog about SG, even as an alum in the same city, you lose a great deal by not being at Swamp or being consumed by interest to keep up with SG's latest and greatest. For instance, even being in class with someone for a whole term and talking off and on over a year, still isn't enough time to figure out certain realities. Life is always better outside the closet, but it takes guts to make that transition.

I'm not too optimistic with the current/last-to-be-covered SG administration. Though I don't know Ryan Moseley personally, I know that he got the nod only after a few rounds of FBK-infighting... when you know someone emerges as the favorite between a feud of System toadies, you know in your hearts of hearts that the guy before must have done some pretty dirty stuff to get there. To quote the great NINA, "[Ryan] Moseley rode a wave that was set there for him."

But more importantly, I'm interested in finding out how SBP Moseley will use his appointment powers and how many of the 400+ strokes of his pen, will favor Turncoat Independents, FBK'ers, Large Greek House Leaders, and Cultural Whores (those that have been selling their unofficial-but-ironclad cultural endorsements to Moseley, Boyles, & dare I say...Joe Goldberg back in the day).

If anyone knows of these current bodies and have any interesting names, please make use of the comments section:

  • Reitz Union Board of Managers

  • O'Dome Advisory Board

  • Student Traffic Court

  • Various Student Committees

  • Chief of Staff

  • Designated Cabinet Chairs, Directors,
    & Secretaries (Old AD's)

  • *Designated positions are done so w/o application, basically promised posts. I would also be interested in looking at the Senate and possibly the Supreme Court. Wouldn't it be something if Arturo went from SBVP to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, lol, or if AIPAC's superstar on the bench got the top job...hmmm, certainly worth looking into.

    I hope to see the comments area light up this weekend. But as usual, if you feel your comment will or writing style will give you away, yes, I'll take emails:

    I'm hoping to finally receive JCB's report, as well as looking forward to one from Amanda Kane to add to Bracco & Morales. Tommy Jardon does not reply to my emails anymore, Gavin Baker & Ryan Nelson are MIA in my inbox, the Cingular Bill long gone...haven't heard from JL, the FBK block old news haven't heard from SG, and so on and so forth.

    Special Thanks To Nick Capezza & for the 500+ hits since.

    Till Next Time,

    Stay RadiKal


    Anonymous said...

    Check the other blog. Everything's been posted there for a while. And Chief of Staff is Yooni.

    Anonymous said...

    Cabinet Chairpersons and Directors

    Chairperson- Josh Jackson
    Chairperson- Ashley Sutton
    Chairperson- Maryam Laguna
    Chairperson- Farah Gulaid
    Chairperson- Andrew Shapiro
    Academic Affairs- Jonathan Bennett
    Advertising- Jason Handin
    Career Development- Melissa Stauble
    Community Involvement- Sasha Missick and Hayley Apfel
    Community Political Affairs- Danielle Emenhiser
    Disability Affairs- OPEN
    Freshmen Leadership- Laura Beard
    Greek Affairs- Kelsey San Antonio
    Health Affairs- Heidi Rogers
    Housing Affairs- Jamie Zagoria
    Internal Communication- May Smith
    LGBTQ Affairs- Adam Amir
    Multicultural Affairs- Renee Campbell
    Orange and Blue- Taylor Siegel and Ryan Loundy
    Public Relations- Dana Somerstein
    Research- Moses Divaker
    Satellite Campus- Robert Duprey
    Organizational Outreach- Larnell Vickers and Jocelyn Paiz
    Technology- Kelly Jeck
    Women’s Affairs- Grey Torrico
    Grad/Professional- OPEN

    Cabinet Secretaries

    Athletics- Jason Miles
    Campus Safety- Rob Schlesinger
    Capital Improvements- Francisco Aguilera
    Environmental Affairs- Jillian Peters
    Family Affairs- Linda Berns
    Finance and Fees- Wesley Maul
    Legal Affairs- Adam Lee
    Outside Vendors- OPEN
    Parking and Transportation- Jordan McBee
    Press- Kim Cruts
    Recreation- Jeffrey Mitchell
    Sponsorships- Ryan Day
    Solicitations- Nicolas Pazos
    Transfer- Nick Barragona
    Student Affairs- Brell Tarich
    Student Services- OPEN

    Agency Heads

    AAREST - Jodi Schneider
    ACCENT - Steven Blank
    External Affairs - David Drescher
    Image - OPEN
    Museum Nights - OPEN
    SGP - Matt Ochs
    STAAR - Sara El-Sherbini
    Supervisor of Elections - OPEN
    Tower - Christina Blood

    Chomp the Vote Director - OPEN
    Emerging Leaders Director - OPEN
    Insurance Director - OPEN

    The Assistant Directors are apparently being announced in two weeks. The under-secretaries should follow a similar timeline. The remaining open spots should follow sometime before June 1st.

    Anonymous said...

    Cabinet comments: The Chairpersons all look great and are VERY qualified for the positions and I think will make positive contributions.

    Don't know a lot of the names on the cabinet list, but that could be a good thing.

    Secretary comments: Apparently if you're indie this is where you'll end up. Have both "turncoat" and Pants indies here - Kim, Ryan, and Jordan. I know a couple of the other people and overall I think this is a pretty positive group for the tasks they have at hand.

    Agency Heads: About who you would expect them to be. Drescher on External Affairds is interesting to say the least. I really love Sarah on STAAR and Christina on Tower, both excellent choices.

    CTV being open apparently means that none of Tommy Jardon, Josh Simmons, Frank Bracca, Tyler Antar, or anyone else who applied the first time around will be getting it.

    I like that SOE is still open and there wasn't someone pre-designated for the spot in the wings ready to jump in.

    Anonymous said...

    Mose and his shiteating grin.

    Anonymous said...

    what is the other blog? I cant stand how far behind duque is.

    Anonymous said...

    Christian Duque said...

    The SG Observer is the next generation of SG Blog, I am so very proud of them (and tried to help promote them). If you want current news & info on SG that's your place.

    In 2007 TR will be winding down, though I'm sure you'll find a bit more from the old schoolers here, talkin as old-school as pre Y-2-K, but I suspect that even when comes out in 2008 that Old Schoolers will go there to talk some smack, even 10 yrs from now (one can only hope).

    I'm so happy that Ryan Day and Kim Crutz are on cabinet, it really says something about Cabinet when a couple can both get directorships in a school of just over 50,000 students -- Good Job Ryan! Way to keep SG open to all students.


    Anonymous said...

    "The SG Observer is the next generation of SG Blog" How do we go from a strong willed psycho like Christian to a weak willed nympho like Aimee Collins-Manderville?

    Fuck me hard Aimee, you do want a cabinet spot next year. Josh (The other blogger) can't give it to you, he couldn't even get CTV. You should CLAP for him. We all know who has the clap.

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah it really sucks when the only people who apply for positions get them - doesn't it Christian. You know I said it for weeks, you want to bitch about who gets what then you have to APPLY against them. Only other people who APPLIED have the right to bitch about who got the spot. So you need to look at your fellow "indies" at UF and ask why one of those 50,000 students didn't feel the need to apply for a position.

    You want to bitch thats fine, but bitch at your own backyard first. Don't come out firing when you have absolutely no clue what it is you're talking about.

    Anonymous said...

    Now, don't be silly. Christian can't apply for anything, he graduated. Don't tease the poor thing.

    Christian Duque said...


    I honestly laughed at out loud "the poor thing," I have never been so gracefully degraded in all my time. LMAO

    Christian Duque said...

    But to address the "bitching" comment....when you have an SBP that emerges from a battle between major Greek houses, with the unconditional support of the AA community, AND MIGHT I ADD with the support of Turncoats (e.g. Tommy Jardon, Ryan Day, Ben Grove, etc) then what CHANCE, what SPEC of a CHANCE would a true green (b/c Green is the Indie color, second only to Y&B), true Green Indie have of getting ANY position with a System administration that will re-define SYSTEM politics at UF, making John Boyles seem like Peter Gruskin by the time Moseley's done w/ UF.

    This I ask you? Why would any true Green or Y&B Indie even bother? We all know what the outcome's gonna be. Silly Rabbit, SG's for Keys.

    Anonymous said...

    7:17 PM: Kim, shouldn't you have to sign your name? You used Ryan and it is a shame he doesn't see it.

    Anonymous said...

    Christian... it is completely obvious that a true indie could not submit an application, get an interview, be impressive and get the position.

    Oh wait... it happened.

    Look right above Kim on the list of cabinet secretaries what name do you read? Oh yes... its Jordan McBee (or is he not an indie for some reason unknown to the rest of us now?) He submitted an application, had a stellar interview, and subsequently got the job (over several Greek candidates who had excellent looking applications I might add).

    There is an intrinsic flaw in the logic of, "I won't get the position, so why should I bother applying?"

    You don't know Ryan Moseley. You don't. And you absolutely refuse to give him a fair shake. On one of the few occassions where a "non-turncoat" independent applied... he got the job. This looks like evidence to the fact Ryan is willing to take whoever is qualified and interviews well.

    Bottom Line. You don't know Ryan. You don't know the outcome. Stop making snap judgements. You want to bitch about an unfair process wait until one occurs.

    francisco said...

    After taking about a two month break from the blogging world Christian's e-mail concerning the report card has brought me back.

    I think the interview process was pretty fair, at least from what I observed. I applied for two positions and I was granted two interviews. In the Fall I applied for 4 or 5 positions, turned in my applications on time, followed up for two monthes, and even had Boyles help me out with the applications I had within Agencies and nothing happened. It took me 8 months but I finally got an interview at least. The questions were fair and I went in knowing they would not see me as qualified...and for what reason should they???

    I had three other guys on my floor apply, get interviews, and feel that the process was fair.

    Looking over the list, I am happy to see some of the names I do see. In fact many of the names in Cabinet are younger guys/girls that have some interesting qualifications for their positions.

    Also, based on all I have heard about Ryan Day, I would imagine that he is qualified for Sponsorships although I am not sure what the job entails. People tell me Kim is a pretty good writer, so perhaps she will be great as Press Sec.

    I would have liked to see Sam apply for ACCENT but he will be much better (according to his own accounts) as a Chair within the Agency. I am very happy to see Jordan where he is as well because he truly wants to be working for the student interest.

    I imagine some positions (mainly ACCENT and SGP) had some back room politics but I think we all expected that and I don't think any of us are going to hold Mr. Moseley accountable for that...because lets face it, that is the price of doing business...these are highly publicized positions that handle a lot of money and have a lot of outside press coverage, you need people there that you trust. Anyone that has followed SG for a couple months knew Yooni was going to get her position as well and I think she was a good pick from my viewpoint. Putting two people in charge of Community Involvement and Organizational Involvement was pretty smart, I can only hope they follow up on what their position entails (or what is says on paper at least).

    I am quite concerned about Chomp the Vote. I knew hell had to freeze over before I was given the position but I figured the other three were at least moderately qualified. In the end I cannot really imagine anyone but Tommy Jardon getting the position (well JCB). Rezaei could apply but I think he wants to work with Danielle and Drescher to get his SANS network off the ground. I simply imagine Tommy didn't get it the first time around because he is too politicized with College Republicans...and the whole Supreme Court thing :/.

    There is my skewed, distorted viewpoint. For those interested: I am not sure what I will be doing but I plan to at least continue my attendence at Senate Meetings if my jobs permit and depending how my jobs and classes work out in the fall, I will be looking to G'Ville Board positions and helping out CTV and External Affairs if granted the opportunity.

    Christian Duque said...

    my dear future GDI Leader (and I mean that benuinely), I was moved by this comment you made:

    "Also, based on all I have heard about Ryan Day, I would imagine that he is qualified for Sponsorships although I am not sure what the job entails."

    The job probably entails dusting the file cabinet. Ryan Day will be in Blue Key by his senior year, mark my words. He's an ok guy, but he's been inducted into the system, much along the same lines of Ryan Belanger back in the day or for those of you with a foggy memory, like a certain Alicia Phillips. Nice girl, but she ditched Dennis.

    I won't comment on Jordan McBee. I just wish him luck...

    KC will move up the ladder by December, BANK on it! Won't get into specifics. Thanks.