Saturday, May 26, 2007

RadiKaL Rumor Control Line #1

Ah yes...back in the saddle again... I was asked by a reader to give my opinion on the latest Aligator article to surface on SG, but there's not much to say. Ryan Day is a Turncoat Independent. I don't dislike him, in fact I shook hands with him and wished him the best. On the campaign trail I remember telling Bruce that Ryan feels uncomfortable, but I knew that that was just lip service he was feeding me.

You have to realize there are two ways for a non-Greek to join the System. You can do so on your merits and offer something in exchange (e.g. insights, hard-work, loyalty) as in Brian Aungst's or Chris Carmody's style - or - you can sell out, like Ryan Day or John Boyles. When you sell-out, you have to be vociferous, you have to be louder and more passionate than everyone else to keep your stock in the company. Listen, it's no shock that Ryan got a directorship, Kim another one. Not much to this story, just a lot of SPIN and a lot of System-induced venting. Everyone even with a glimpse of insight into how things work in a ticket born in the annals of FBK knows that GDI's don't have a prayer of getting top jobs and even at lower tier jobs, their input is largely regulated.

Did Eileen McCoy, owner of (the official homepage of the Alachua Leadership Alliance) kick Charlie Grapski out of her home? Upon an initial tip, I went to my sources in Alachua and Charlie's car has not been seen in the City of Alachua in over six days! Given the reality that his pending law suits may fall substantially short of the landmark decisions that Grapski & his battered ALA are hoping for, what will become of the Grapski & Alachua?

A Message from J. Clayton Brett

I unfortunately will not be participating in the report card, but I will leave a little paragraph to publish. I never intended to mislead you or your readers, this is just the type of thing of thing that I have to put on the back-burner of my schedule. I'm sorry for handling this so irresponsibly.

As for the Boyles Administration however, the one thing I will say is that John voluntarily took on issues much larger and more complex than a generic SBP would expected to address. CLAS, tuition, and the Cabinet overhaul are all issues that would define other SBP's year, and John fielded them each with excellence. The only glaring flaw of the Boyles Administration was Chomp the Vote, and even that was most likely a structural or managerial issue, but certainly not policy. His appointments as a whole were well qualified and talented; John can certainly and justifiably reject the "puppet" label.

On a different note, his administration probably ended with one of the most collaborative relationships with the UF administration that one can hope for. UF is structured so that the "adults" can basically ignore SG as they choose, so their respect and confidence is thus essential to acting as the student's voice. I was going to talk about fiscal responsibility as well, but then I remembered a little petition in the Alligator. :-)


Anonymous said...

"Everyone even with a glimpse of insight into how things work in a ticket born in the annals of FBK knows that GDI's don't have a prayer of getting top jobs and even at lower tier jobs, their input is largely regulated."

John Boyles never got anywhere did he.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing fiscally irresponsible about that "little petition in the alligator" mr jcb. the only irresponsible thing was the IOC ad that came out the last day of spring that neglected to put "paid for by sg" on it; clearly a violation of statutes.

Anonymous said...

the success of gdi's lies not in their work ethic or involvement-- the key to the president's office lies their daddy's bank accounts

Anonymous said...

12:25, you'll never see Christian go out and criticize that IOC ad. If anything he'll probably try to make it out to be some kind of "zionist conspiracy." either that or try to apologize for IOC by claiming they were driven to write such a mean spirited ad by the "zionist aggression" they face.