Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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but rest assured that true GDI parties, like worker parties throughout the world, do not begin w/ slating and go on vacation after elections are decided. If anything, every vote that has been earned through your noble efforts on the campaign trail, should re-invogorate you to resist the Machine through conitnued advocacy and legal-but-cripping defiance. Senators -- BRING GUESTS -- leaders and key members of the very organizations that voted you in. Make the others listen, and make them publicly silence voices of dissent.

Filibuster their meetings till they drop from exhaustion, one by one. And believe you me -- they cave real quick. Anytime you see people going for smokes or out to chat w/ their lackeys, call quoroum! File formal amendments and stall every presidential appointment you can, until the full senate has satisfactorily questioned each candidate. This after all is a key responsibility you owe to your constiuents."
The votes and new supporters you've earned over the course of the last two days, will give you even more reach into a campus that ideologically supports you. GDI's cannot look to the Alligator to be the voice of the students, much like liberals can't find a single radio station on the AM Dial. This is why liberals have been working for years on their own radio station in north central florida. In my days, it seemed to be nearly complete (through the CMC & Jack Donovan).

After the travesty of endorsing Unite! and their basis for coming to that conclusion -- GDI's should now include creating their own student paper. Certainly not a publication that sells ad-space and/or spends tons of money on color photos or fancy-font-headings, but a DIY, limited run, e-zine type of publication. It could be weekly, bi-weekly, it could be monthly, or it could come out once a semester. The focus of this paper would be to mirror the efforts we used to have such events like Radical Rush. Don't throw these copies out like it's virtually free to produce them. Talk to the students, talk to them again, and if they ask you (and they will), almost like entrust them w/ an issue. You're not being encourgaed to enter into the newspaper business, you're being asked to further the Movement.
Ask Grapksi to give you some suggestions from time to time; he is the Father of the Modern Independent movement at UF
There are no limits to how hard you can rally popular support against the century-plus FBK/Greek dominance over Student Government. You are doing a great service for the institution by fielding candidates and engaging in the democractic process, but if you can fill the streets with protesters, gather thousands of signatures on petitions, influence the arts and gain the support of creative people, and if you can win over rebels in the houses and slowly but surely Unite! (like the British/Irish trade union, not the System party you are currently facing)-- then what the fuck is 282 worth? What's a few air-conditioned offices with immaculate suits and daily, nauseating pleantries from people that wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire in the real world?

You're GDI's, you're not office bureaucrats. Your only goal in getting to the 3rd floor is to bring it down to the ground floor. You don't want to rule over the student body, you want to co-rule w/ them. Go to Orange & Brew -- or whatever it's called, boohoo, clap your hands, maybe walk over to the Unite crowd and discretely rip one and turn to their most popular candidate and be like "that was just not cool, I mean don't you have any manners? I mean farting in the middle of a group of people? (J/k don't do that...but would be funny).

Student Government is about the students. Slate, run, go to Orange & Blue, win or "lose," but you're a GDI (not an independent, you're a GDI) and you're work never ends.

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