Monday, February 21, 2011

Alligator Proves It's a System Rag

"Although we love the underdog mentality and the activist bent the Progress Party espouses itself to, the Editorial Board has decided to endorse the Unite Party in the election. It was a choice between our belief that a party could accomplish all items presented in its platform and the knowledge that they — both the party and the candidates themselves — have a proven record of doing so."


With students and workers taking to the streets, facing off tanks and gunfire for democracy --- you would think The Alligator would actually reward a student SG party that also had an "activist bent," but t his second-rate off-campus rag is incapable of actually putting their money where their mouth is.

What does Unite represent? When's the last time a UF Student Party has had a stance on anything beyond the boundaries of the university? I want the names of every member of the Alligator board. I want those names in the comment section. Let's see who these people are -- and where their loyalties lie.

How can they say they appreciate the activism and then endorse Unite?


Someone7 said...

I refuse to believe it is sheer incompetence. They know everything we know and more, and they did this shit anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think it's telling that the Alligator claims they couldn't tell the difference between the parties. For all of Progress's activist credentials, their platform is almost the same as Unite's.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Gary Benedix has activated b-cell. This shit just got real.

Anonymous said...

"How can they say they appreciate the activism and then endorse Unite?"

How? Because Dave Schneider is a tool and cares not a wit for the independent movement as a whole if it disagrees with his own personal (if misguided) "convictions." Let me re-create a phone conversation for you from late February 2009 between me and Dave.

This happened a few days after the terrible Spring '09 election in which the independent movement was robbed of many good seats due to Ben Dictor's petty, personal vendetta.

I was exhausted, so depressed by the election results, and very drunk wandering around downtown. On a dare, I called up Dave.

Me: "You're cute! *giggle* I would totally have sex with you if you pop a few beers in me." *giggle* "So... you know, I don't care if we merge parties or whatever, as long as we have ORANGE shirts, because ORANGE is my color!" *giggle giggle"


Me: "Whaaat? I don't know anything about that and I'm just a minion and I'm druuunk!"

Seriously, I have no idea why he felt the need to high-horse-rage at me when I was just being flirty/giggly drunk. I thought it was completely inappropriate and uncalled for, but it kinda demonstrated just what kind of a person Dave Schneider is at the end of the day-- unwilling to compromise on important, key issues if he doesn't get his own little questions answered just the way he likes him. And he is willing to throw everyone else under the bus for something one or two people may or may not have done.

So yeah: I'm no Ben Meyers fan, but I seriously dislike the idea of Dave being in charge of anything.

Ugh, there really is NO decent choice this time around.

Anonymous said...

proof read your material before you post it, and for the love of God grow up.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is very disappointed we didn't get more support from Christian throughout this election. Progress is really a continuation of everything Voice stood for and we are finally on the verge of a revolutionary break through but we've heard next to nothing from the Radikal. I hope Christian at least puts up some final thoughts and predictions before results tonight.

Anonymous said...

We need more SG coverage from you, now that there is finally a viable indie movement once again.

Any predictions for tonight? I don't want to be overly optimistic but its looking good on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Lots of us in the Progress camp would really like to have a few more posts to show the new fighters we've brought in the values we share with the Radikal. We would love a pre-victory post tonight to get them up to speed with what you're all about.

Anonymous said...

Its shameful that Duque did not expend a great deal of effort on supporting Progress. It is obvious that we are the next generation "voice" activists at the University of Florida and want some sort of endorsement from the definitive source of SG debauchery. Duque: You know that this election will culminate in the fulfillment of your dreams. As a Progress party candidate and supporter (2 years and counting now), we need to hear from you.