Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Good Seeing Progress in 2011

It was undeniable to many by the famous (or infamous, depending on your political position) 12/11 Meeting that the Independent movmement had reached a point where the last remnants of the Access/Unite project were being forced out. The days of Samuels' theory of blending independents with the mainstream were coming to an end. Independents, once again, wanted to be different. It wasn't about being different in an Iron Fist or Pants (1st term era) kinda way, either - it was a lot deeper than that.

A mainstream independent party (the likes of O&B, Action, Unite, and Access [Fall 2004]) would never dare openly challenge the UF President, aggressively put UPD in check, back migrant workers, SDS, human rights, or the struggles for democracy and dignity of oppressed men and women, worldwide.

I still remember being only one of two senators to vote against UF-SG support of our military operations overseas. My fellow colleague was Sen. Becca Guerra, who would later become an established name with the other side.

I still think in terms of FBK-backed Greeks and Independents when it comes to UF - nothing's changed and nothing will. Some will say they're not of any particular side -- that they're liked by all -- but that's largely a crock of shit. If you're liked by all - drink w/ all, party w/ all, break bread w/all, but it when comes down to slating, tabling, and voting -- all bets are off. Indies with indies and FBK-backed tools with the like. When someone backstabs them (the Maj.) -- they're written off. They get even, we forgive. If you get betrayed, don't take it personally -- take it partisanly. They didn't betray you - they betrayed all the students whose interests you represent. It's a far greater slight than taking it personally. STOP making the Minority the safehaven for Judases and opportunists. If they betray The Movement, they shouldn't be let back in.

Progress was always much more than SG, just like the Voice core of Access took on great things - from a Human Rights Rally to my good friend Peter Gruskin being illegally fired from his position, with hundreds of pages redacted in black, in a conspiracy that may very well have gone up as high as the Dean of Students Office. We weren't your Unite/Action people, we were your Student Alliance '03 and Progress kinda people.

Christian Duque is your Progress kinda Indie, Ken Kerns is prolly closer to the middle, and James Argento is the middle (but secretly pulls liberal towards Kerns). Charlie Grapski is our maker.

Progress has amplified what we tried doing with Voice -- or let's get real -- what I tried doing w/ VP. By Fall 2005, Voice had been registered three terms straight and was the oldest SG party in existence -- but Voice was largely Christian Duque -- I held all the power and nothing was ever done w/o my stamp of approval.

Progress is a real party, with many great members, and everyone has a vested interest - a key role to play. For a brief moment, Access, Spring '04 felt like a revolution. It didn't matter if we won or not, it was icing on the cake... but we were poised to shake the very foundations of an almost century's old regime. I suspect Progress is up to the same no good as we were :)

I labeled four people on this post -- I'd like to release an interview with each person from here up to the election. Whoever would like to go first, please message me at: or on FB. If one of the four would like to pass the honor onto someone else -- that's cool too. Usually a blogger would want to interview the presidential candidate only -- but usually the "blogger" is a system tool and the "parties" are fan clubs for "1."

In a real independent party -- everyone plays a role and everyone is integral to victory. :) And no one is expected to break out the knee-pads for a chance at getting on E-board. lol


Someone7 said...

I drove a new supporter home today, and briefly explained to him the whole history of (this) Progress Party. It certainly has come a long way, hasn't it?

Right now though, we need everyone to come together and help us. It pains me to admit this, but I wish I was looking at the faces of all the old O&B people right now, standing with us, passing out fliers and stickers. We need a huge showing on Monday, for reasons I can't go into. If you guys are reading this, and that includes even Gary Benedix, now is the time to come out and help us do what couldn't be done before.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I thought you'd become irrelevant. But here you go surprising me.

I am impressed managed to single out Alan Martin. I would have thought somebody who's been away from the game for so long wouldn't know the major players anymore and yet somehow you do. I'm only disappointed you are revealing Mr. Martin as the key player he has become in the Indie Movement. Now the FBK-backed party has just that much more insight into our structure.

-Looking Forward To Alan's Interview

Anonymous said...

Where is Armando Grundy in all this?

Anonymous said...

This is Alan Martin. I don't have a blogger account so I am posting as anonymous. I think my role as a key player has been overstated.

Anonymous said...

If we could get one of the interviews in the next few days would be great. Especially from a seasoned insider like Wooten