Thursday, February 24, 2011

Congratulations Progress!

Huge congratulations to the hardworking GDI's of the Progress Party. You won 11 seats, maybe/probably more! This iis so huge and you should be feeling like true champions. Also congratulations to Mr. Reynolds - the first Asian Student Body Treasurer .. oh no wait.... that was Dennis Ngin (for that post you actually get directly voted for), Mr. Reynolds got the ages old veep spot where the Machine places members of minority communities to guarantee every vote will be of benefit to their (real) candidate (the SBP).

Also...who can forget Mike Bowen slandering me in a Senate meeting six years ago -- and the Alligator giving him the forum to further his cause of screaming to the heavens that the Voice Party did not represent graduate interests.

TODAY... seeing Progress take 9 of 10 grad seats -- makes me totally ecstatic. You have won an entire voter bloc, but instead of moving to the next one... ensure to represent them (as you would all students) aggressively.

The residents of the IFC/PC houses are forced to vote, they are intimidated, and many are pledges being hazed daily, where voting and handing over a sticker's proof is an easy day. They (the Machine) have been fighting online voting since day 1 --- then there will be intimidation and there will be no proof - voter boards will be done away with and people that vote (that actually want to vote) will cast their ballots w/ some privacy.

In a fair election -- one side does not win all but four races in over a century. This "indepndent" newspaper (apparently) couldn't see. Regimes - where a select few rule over the masses - have been crushed in Egypt, Tunisia, and are now being confronted in Bahrain and elsewhere...but alas ... the little dictators at UF-SG continue winning election after election .... corralling fresh new recruits each term, for a variety of purposes -- one of which includes mass voting for parties they don't know about, candidates they can't count on, and a system they have even less influence over than the GDI's with their 11 seats.

The people whose voices REALLY don't count... are the residents of those house. When I went to Vice President Kate Honey and asked to get involved (as a 2x Ignite House Leader), I was ignored for over three weeks. My applications went nowhere, my calls never returned, and my suggestions never addressed. I was the person that got her elected and delivered dozens of votes, but I wasn't from ATO or Sig Ep, I was from Fiji.

The point is ... congratulations to the Progress Party -- they are the real winners in this election. The Unite Party, the Alligator, and others ... you are responsible for allowing the machine yet again to dominate a democratic institution through strong-arm tactics and downright cheap campaigning. The good ole boy system just keeps on goin.

When shall we start the 4 interviews? GDI calendars don't end with the election --- that's only when the crooks stop working. I'd like to start with Dave if possible -- ending with Justin.


True GDI said...

are u you stupid? unite won 1 grad seat, and got the most votes there to boot. They proved tonight that Progress's hold on grad seats isn't as secure as they seem to think. Also Progress in no way won law or pharmacy. Law was won solely by the candidate Gillian Leytham who only ran Progress to have a party backing. She is 100% real indy and is going to actually be a force to be reckoned with in Senate, unlike the 9 Progress grads who will probably be 50% gone by the start of summer and 100% gone by next election. You are so removed from this you have absolutely no idea what's going on. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

This was a reply to your post made on the alligator website. In case you didn't see it.

Radikal: You're right Reynolds will never be as great as Dennis Ngin the first Asian American SBP....Oh wait! That's right...... that never happened because instead of standing by your old Access comrade you stabbed him in the back and created your own failure of a party: Voice. Then when you came in last in that election you turned on your own candidate.
You are just as bad as all the traitors to Access and the GDI movement, like Kassim, and Moritz, who sold out their friend and Jamal's true successor, in an attempt to make a futile power grab, that ultimately led to the restoration of the system.
In addition, your post below proves your true nature, you are just a power hungry social climber, who only cares about himself and could care less about what is best for the students or the people. You see chances to take control and you take them without caring about who you have to screw over. And its obvious that if Ignite had taken you seriously, which almost no one does, you would be just as bad if not WORSE than Allende, Fried, Adler, Guglielmo or any of the other system bosses.
You try to portray yourself as a Lech Walesa, but in truth you are more like Mubarak, Qaddafi, or Mugabe. A power hungry opportunist that will squash anyone and crush anything, even the very movement you claim to advocate, just to take or retain power.
Lucky for the GDI movement your ambition outstrips your ability. And TRUE GDI's are smart enough to see through your puppets, like Fernando, Justin, Pete, or any other fool you use to get your misguided agenda across.
I hope people continue to see your true colors and that you grow up and move on. Leave UF SG to the actual students.

Anonymous said...

The landscape has changed since you've been gone. The indie party should be able to win EVERY Spring.

Fine Arts (1)
Engineering (3)
CLAS (7)
Grad (10)

That's 21 Seats for those who are mathematically challenged.

They should also be able to take 40%+ of the exec vote.

They couldn't even lock down Grad. They outrightly won 8, Unite won 1, and the 10th is a tie which the Senate will give to Unite.

So they won Pharmacy on a technicality (1), Law on the back breaking labor of its candidate who managed to win IN SPITE of her party's incompetency, and 8 Grad for a total of 10 seats.

10 when you should be guaranteed 21 is not a success in my book.

Too old for this said...

Pretending that this is any sort of victory for Progress is stupid. This election saw the lowest turnout since Spring 2007 (Pants, a party that was openly a joke instead of one hiding that fact like Progress) and saw the highest system vote as a percentage since, you guessed it, Spring 2007.

Progress won a bunch of grad seats, most of whom will be gone by fall (that's the nature of the beast with grad students) and a law seat. They didn't even bother to contest seats like Fine Arts (which is completely winnable, though it would have been a tough race this year given the Unite candidate), instead whining on the Alligator comments about how the Alligator didn't do enough to promote slating.

The old O&B (circa 2008, pre-split) was great at recruiting, organizing, and executing. The Progress campaign this semester was an unmitigated disaster, starting with abysmal recruiting and ending with volunteers who stood around with signs rather than actually talking to students.

Progress may have won a decent number of seats, but they don't have the people or the skills to do what O&B did in Fall 2008 and win half of the on-campus seats and a good chunk of district D.

Anonymous said...

lol you realize reynolds got VP, right? that's makes him the first asian-american VP. Are you fucking stupid or do you just not check your facts? get over it, GDI, you're not even a student anymore. get a life

Anonymous said...

Where is Ozzy Angulo in all this?

Anonymous said...

I'm retty sure Yooni Yi was Asian-American and Vice President.

Alan Martin said...

The Unite Party is like a shark: show any weakness and they destroy you. They actually put then senator Audrey Schnell's brother on the election commission in January. By the way, the Progress Party will not be back this fall. I will have more to say later about why this is the case. Given the precarious state of Graduate Assistants United, our coalition may be busted anyway. A lot of the SDS people are fed up with student government and want to focus on bigger issues. I don't know where the movement goes from here, but I have let it be known that, while I find some of the old Orange and Blue Party/Student Alliance leadership to be fundamentally dishonest, their complaint that Progress has been too nice to the Unite Party is spot on. Oh, and those who will cheer on the demise of the Progress Party are the same people who, through their dishonesty and unwillingness to work with anyone who disagreed with them, made its formation inevitable.

Anonymous said...

How's that Joe Goldberg interview coming along?