Monday, April 27, 2009

Web Reviews by 'el Duque'

I went a little hard on Sg-Span. However, what's up with these 3-4 month vacations?!! Dead Blog?

We've got blogs that last five or six months and then hit a wall - they run out of material. They want to take this site out and I welcome them, hell, I even send traffic their way! And what? Four turncoats run a blog anonymously, they run out of material, they make claim web saboteurs hacked them, then they go private, then they go inactive, then they announce themselves like the unmasking of Kiss on MTV in 1983, but then unlike KISS who went on to several gold and platinum runs....they FOLD.

Then you have SwampFrontLawn. I mean what can you say about this rag? Pro-System? Toolfest? Propaganda Clearinghouse? I mean reading this was like going to Karl Rove for an objective take on the Bush administration. Never in all my blogging-life had I read such a piece of crap - and I've read plenty of crap on the boards since 2005.

Status: Getting Less Action Than MAX HARDCORE.

It's not all bad after all. I mean you've got guys from way back in the 1990's like Ken Kerns online. Now I'm not saying Ken is older than dirt, in fact, I'm probably older in age, but it's nice to see a voice from the past millennium talkin about SG. Kerns does a good job in seasonally blogging on SG - good election time articles. Ken also sells books, tote bags, and buttons off of his website. I do believe he may also peddle bumper-stickers.

Got Buttons?

Then there's Gator Gossip Girl. Good little blog, seemed to cater to average bozo more than anything, but good effort. If this were the late 80's/early 90's this blog would be totally zine-worthy! That's actually a compliment, a great read for those memorable moments on the can.

I think that more blogs should stray away from SG for breathers; cover something else! Whether than be skanks with guts in inflatable fraternity swimming pools or talkin about how Joe Bennett wants to pack on muscle and get rich per a facebook update so he can nail Lady Gaga - whatever it may be, stray a bit.

Now I'm not advocating you write books and sell tote bags, but get away a bit.


EEE and Sg-Span seem to be two peas in the same pod, perhaps a casualty of the infighting of December 2008, or perhaps a concomitant creativity-freeze that warped amateur bloggers everywhere.

Duque's Clear Favorite
One Last Gasp for Fresh Air

SG Gatorade

You can tell there's some clear TR influence on this page. A lot of subject diversity at work here. Last post was in mid-March, so I'm hoping there will be more to come. This seems like a fairly well put together site that could easily be around for years to come, should its author(s) so choose.


francisco said...

Umm dude, the Drayton impeachment has been up since Dec:

Clearly someone doesn't know how to scroll down on the is even listed on the front page :lol:. In fact, I believe that entry even mentions FERPA in it.

The issue is the university refuses to release any video I recorded as IMAGE chair and they refuse to release any meetings recorded by the new IMAGE chair that was appointed in Dec. The university believes the video is FERPA protected, even though you and I could walk into a meeting and record the stuff ourselves. So basically, there is no real point to having IMAGE.

That being said, Graham has about 3 months of video before we/he stopped recording that needs to be processed. Cain and I were even able to capture the FIRST EVER footage from inside the counting room. I have been attempting to get my hands on it in the past two weeks...alas our schedules have just never matched up. There is still tons of sound files Sam also has that he has still never given to me so I could put them on there as well.

That being said, throwing aside the legal and tech issues, we have been a little lazy in updating it in the last 3 to 4 months.

Christian Duque said...

"Clearly someone doesn't know how to scroll down on the is even listed on the front page :lol:."Funny. I had some loading issues, but now they're resolved (may have been cookies or something). I'd also like to point out that I have no issues with you speaking to me in this tone, just don't throw a tantrum next time I do it to you.

SG-Span sucks. 3-4 months is not laziness, it's called dead blog.

When the site is on - it ROCKS! But it seems a lot of things went haywire post-December 2008.

ProgressistheFuture said...

O&B is finished. Why do you even care anymore? All things associated with O&B, like the site in question, are done for.

haha89 said...

Duque, I normally consider you a decently intelligent person, but your review of SFL was laughable at best. Only an idiot would think the author was serious.

Ken said...

Christian, I'm not actively peddling any of the Cafe Press stuff anymore. It was a cute idea, and I bought a couple magnets for my fridge, but that's it. Plus it wasn't a bad way to tease the book - which will be released this spring, unlike some of your oft-promised Q&As. Hehe.

And how can you in one breath complain about my seasonal SG blogging and in the next advise people to not blog about SG full-time? Seems contradictory to me.

Anyway, nice round up.

Christian Duque said...

The author contacted and asked that I safeguard his/her anonymity. The person(s) behind SFL were of the highest echelons of SG.

Intelligence has nothing to do with it. I was sadly disappointed by the site's level of productivity.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I knew Kerns was old, but was he really at UF in the 90's?

Anonymous said...

I call Duque's bullshit on SFL

Ken said...

If the fall semester in 1999 counts as "at UF in the 1990s", then yeah I'm that old.

But I left UF when I was 20, and that was some 7 years ago.

So I'm really not that old in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

El Duque, let's talk about dead blogs for a second: - DEAD - DEAD - DEAD - NEVER WAS LIVING - DEAD - DEAD - DEAD

El Duque, you just seem to have the kiss of death when it comes to doing anything of substance.

Anonymous said...

1.) Progress doesn't know why they won.
2.) Progress doesn't know why O&B lost.
3.) "O&B is finished." This is the beginning of a constructive and enlightening line of thought, the end of which is absolutely terrifying for Progress which is why they never seem to get past the first part.

Mr. Two Bits said...

thank you for the acknowledgment

Christian Duque said...

Back in 1999 Cher's Believe was #1 on the charts and Ken Kerns was beginning his rise to power in SG. There was disco and there was Kerns.

Anonymous said...

"O&B is finished. Why do you even care anymore? All things associated with O&B, like the site in question, are done for."

Be careful what you wish for.

You just might get it.

francisco said...

Hey Christian, want to make a wager that the university will deny my request, for the third time, for the audio/video files of Senate and other SG meetings?

Swamp Juice said...

Christian Duque said...

I normally don't allow bloggers to advertise on my comments section, but SFL is such a depressingly pathetic system rag that I took pity on its author(s) and granted them a small space, a brief fifteen minutes of fame upon the pages of a real blog, much unlike their own.

Anonymous said...

SFL is authored by Matt Goldberger, JCB, and Ryan Day. Secret is out, jig is up.

haha89 said...

"Intelligence has nothing to do with it. I was sadly disappointed by the site's level of productivity."

That makes no sense. Your review of the site didn't say a word about its "productivity" or lack thereof. It chastised it for being "Pro-System", even though you claim to know it really isn't. A better critique would call it out on its completely idiotic use of satire.

Anonymous said...

what is the point of any of this?

Anonymous said...

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