Friday, April 24, 2009

Reilly Recap: Friday Night Special Post

What Novel Extracurriculars for UF Student Body President Theta Chi, I.F.C., Florida Blue Key.

Reilly Recap, 10 words or less

"A massive swamp bar tab."
Matt Martz

"A total waste of time.
He was an empty suit."
Sam Miorelli

Ben Dictor

[Back in Fall]"When I infiltrated the meeting,
I remember him saying we were kids
who are mothers didn't hug enough.
Justin Wooten

Mark McShera

"An unyielding defense against maligning,
insipid, and misguided partisanship.
J. Clayton Brett


Anonymous said...

What exactly did you recap by posting a picture and 1 line of scrolling text?

Anonymous said...

I followed Justin Wooten into the men's room a while back and he totally didn't even recognize me. Justin proceeded to entering a stall, locking it, and rattling the door to make sure it was secured. I then heard the sound of pants being unzipped and first drops of what would become a deluge that would last for almost 60 seconds clocked. At it's conclusion I could hear Wooten whispering to himself, "we did it; yeah we did!"

Anonymous said...

I remember JCB dropping the phrase that Wooten attributes to Reilly at every campaign meeting he spoke at. Reilly was only as bad as the system made him.

Anonymous said...

This is just El Duque's way of avoiding JCB's challenge.

GrundyBangsJoe said...

Ok sure 8:07 makes a valid point, but where's Armando Grundy in all this?

Anonymous said...

If this is a place for independents, maybe JCB should respect your right to peacefully assemble and STAY THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

How's that for ConLaw Mr. Corporate Posterboy?

Anonymous said...

JCB is actually correct if he means that quote to be a full description of his Presidency. We were of course maligning him relentlessly as he deserved to be. I would only note that about half of the Indie faction was insipid. *wink wink*

Notice that he didn't say anything like "improved the lives of the students" or "stood up for students" or "opened the doors of power to those otherwise without ACCESS." Those would be nice things to have said about you. Another public figure who was an "unyielding defense" to partisan attacks...was George Walker Bush.

But of course, I'm sure he has nicer things to say about Kevin than I do.

Anonymous said...

GodDamnit Duque why do you have to bring that asshole back up when everyone was about ready to forget about him???

Justin Wooten said...

Communique to Dictor, October 1 at 8:02pm, 2008


I didn't retrieve a shirt. They only had small and medium, and I didn't get one because they said they were gonna bring out the large, but then they decided not to after giving out all the other shirts.

But I did hear some interesting stuff. That douchebag Keving Reilly spoke. I don't remember everything he said, but to the best of my recollection, it went something like this:

"Hey guys, I'm glad you came. We're all friends here, so you guys need to vote Gator Party!" Blah blah, introduction type stuff...

"I get shit all the time. I'm not perfect, and no one is, but the Alligator is always giving me shit. You know what wakes me up in the middle of the night though? The idea that there will be more than the 6 other punks of the Orange and Blue after this election, giving me shit no matter what I say. If I go Left, they go Right. I swear, those guys are just the anti-us. They just oppose whatever we support." (yes, he said shit)

"They've been out there campaigning for a week now. I don't care, cause we can still win. No one cares about the 5 or 6 weird kids, yeah I said it, weird kids, yelling at people walking by."

"Now go out there and tell everyone you know to vote Gator Party. The reason why we'll beat them is because we'll have a positive platform, while all they got is anti-Gator party crap."

Also, another speaker explained the reason why they want to do the sports equipment thing is because they feel the kids who hang out at the Plaza of the Americas don't like them, and tend to vote Orange & Blue. It is supposed to appeal to them, to try and win support with them.


Christian Duque said...

I asked JCB, amongst other key System players, for comments on the outgoing administration.

Yes, "TR" is an indie blog, but I want there to be some kind of balance as well.

Anonymous said...

The hysteria over JCB stokes the inferno that is his ego. I'm pretty sure he thinks he is better than all of us. Everyone just stop it. Including you Christian.

Anonymous said...

10:51PM: That is because JCB is better than us, that is why he is on top and we are not. After all, he got Lacey, while we got stuck with Kevin.

Anonymous said...

RAPTOR JESUS went extinct for your sins.

Anonymous said...

2:56 AM: And fittingly, you both got f***ed, but methinks JCB got the better end of that deal as well.

Anonymous said...

I read it as the "inspid and misguided partisanship" being on Reilly's part.

Personally I still think the best quote to sum up the Reilly administration is "fuck Sam" from the GMG emails.

doubleagent said...

At first I was very critical of Kevin due to tensions between my party and his. As the term progressed, I found myself agreeing more with Kevin on a variety of issues and by late December I had started sharing information with the Gator Party.

I was never implicated and suspect I never will. However, I'm proud to have known Kevin. He did a fine job for the students.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Reilly is a pretty cool guy. eh abuses Sam and doesn't afraid of anything.

Anonymous said...

6:58 PM: Delta Kyle, we all know you shared info and that is why you were fucked over in the Spring with false intel. Sucking up to Kevin won't get you anything

Anonymous said...

Kevin is so cool that nearly ever one of his frat brothers hates him

Anonymous said...

This was officially the best/worst weekend in Radikal history. Can anyone think of more UNIVERSALLY polarizing figures in UF SG than JCB and Kevin Reilly?

Today's SG'ers = Amateurs said...

KR was a terrible president, but it was largely due to mismanagement on the part of middle level bureaucrats in the Gator Party. People that know what they're doing don't fuck up to the extent they did for Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Almost a week without an update? Tsktsktsk El Duque