Thursday, February 05, 2009

The GMG Emails

This controversial issue will go down in history as one of the most contentious issues between the two major factions of the Orange & Blue Party. The Officials controlled meetings through adroit replies under direct questioning by Prog stalwarts in prosecutorial form. Miorelli was vocal in that he received the information by post, having kept the original envelope, and denying knowledge of its sender - a story that has not once changed.

Ben Dictor, made various comments challenging the honesty & integrity of those he once called party colleagues. Meanwhile those same party colleagues, were right to be outraged, in that everyone benefitted from the leak in Fall - including Progressive senators up for election.

But I guess the real question is, what really could have been done here? Plausibly-speaking.


Anonymous said...

Fuck this SG shit.

Tell me about the coffee place!

I've waited long enough!

Veritas said...

So here's the real Green Means Go story, told from the inside.

Everyone knows Sam is a rich brat. Not many people know that one of his family's sailing buddies is actually a cryptography expert for the NSA. Sam let this slip one night at the UC when he was drunk and trying to get into gay boys pants.

Anyways, Sam apparently managed to convince this guy to tap the wires out of the third floor to see if any funny business was going down. Basically anyone who used a connection on the third floor that wasn't encrypted was being logged.

Kevin Reilly sent the emails, and the rest is history.

Now the fun part is that the NSA couldn't very well give the documents to authorities given that wiretapping Americans is still at least nominally illegal. Sam arranged to have the documents leaked to Gary Benedix's brother, who is a Mossad agent (why do you think Gary is such an ardent Zionist).

The older Benedix then mailed copies to Sam and the Alligator anonymously. It was a pretty elaborate scheme, and Sam deserves a lot of credit for putting it all together.

Anonymous said...

What you have to understand is that TheBenDictor itself never wanted just the party nomination.

It wanted the entire party.

This pseudo-scandal (it's really just a morality play, nothing has been alleged that would ever be prosecutable; a state attorney wouldn't even get out of bed for this nonsense) was nothing but a means to an end.

The end being that TheBenDictor itself wanted total control of the party because it felt that it deserved it.

TheBenDictor had convinced itself that it was the sole reason for the success of Orange & Blue and in turn the party should be turned over to it.

A message to Eric Conrad and Dave Schneider: you are unwitting pawns and your sins will be absolved when TheBenDictor is gone and no longer poisoning your minds.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this... The rebel leaders have met at Yavin IV. Luke and Leia arrive the secret death star plans. They're having their meeting showing the weak point in the exhaust port. Suddenly Ben Dictor stands up in the back and asks... where did you get these plans? Did you steal these?

Bruce Haupt said...

Honestly, whatever the substance or origin of the GMG Emails, they are not the issue. It is and always has been a split over who's on the Executive Ticket. What could have been done? Better communication. Both back when O&B was soliciting possible candidates and once the two later announced intentions.

That's it.

Anyway, I'm curious to see the platforms and senate candidates of the two parties. For what it's worth, though, I endorse the Orange and Blue Party (and my absence from Gainesville and lack of any votes whatsoever indicates it's worth little).



Christian Duque said...


Not much to say. I was banned under very dubious circumstances. I was a valued customer, I was never permitted to give any explanation(s), and I was denied service at a store owned by Mohammed Shetiah (allegedly with his knowing and approval), whom owns 19 Lansing locations.

Biggby's Bob Fish claims to have investigated and his timely response(s) are gladly appreciated.

Biggby has a wonderful product, great baristas, and wonderful locations. However, I felt that I was treated inappropriately and chose to make a website expressing my opinion(s).

I have told friends all over the city to boycott these 19 locations in protest.

This was more than a coffee shop, it was a daily ritual and hangout.



Thanks for your post. I have no comment.



New SG lingo. Cute. TY.



Very obvious who you are, lol.



Your entire post conveyed a key thought in my inital post's rough draft. It's a given the GMGE's were but a pretext for a larger showdown, but us SG Historians must do this area justice.

Could closure on this matter alone have saved the strongest Independent party of the decade from disintegration?


Big Brother said...

Brandon White's career is a joke. He was fired from previous campaigns for ineptitude. Unite and Progress should be happy to see him on an opposing ticket. He is all about ME ME ME and is a childish fool. For all the criticism that Paul Drayton took - Paul is a talented kid. And Brandon White is a weak semblance of Paul Drayton.

GMG will end up throwing someone in jail. You guys fucked up.

Anonymous said...

“Frankly, I think the Orange and Blue members who filed the violations are trying to muscle us out of the election.”
-Ben Dictor


Anonymous said...

Big Brother is very correct in his assessment. The FIST did not choose him very a reason. O&B seems so happy to have him that they don't understand why he may not have been chosen by the black community's leaders.

Anonymous said...

All this controversy about GMG threatens to undermine WP and his quest for power through BD. They have 99P and a B IS 1. No matter what Grasshopper, JS, or GB do, they will consistently overplay their hand on GMG. OMG! It is their one bullet left. They need to flip houses like ATO, SAE and AOP. Otherwise, Unite will sweep the board even though they could lose BSU to O+B. The NRA has little stake in the matter. Free Mumia! No matter what happens, at the end of the day there are 88 K on a P.

Anonymous said...

Josh Simmons and Ben Dictor will go down in history as the heroes of FBK. Just when the opposition was almost to the point that it could defeat them, a few egos split the vote leading to the weakest election results for the indies in the past year.

Anonymous said...

TheBenDictor and his Progress removed themselves from the election, by:

- Crafting, in desperation, a slate that had could rival the others only in a few college races, and then

- Picking 5th place on the ballot, and

- Campaigning outside of the campaign cycle, and violating numerous other 700 codes

Also factor into the equation an underfunded campaign and lack of voter support, and you've lost before you even began.

Ben Dictor's followers should realistically assess their position, reconcile their aspirations with reality, and decide how to help the overall movement instead of needlessly (and futilly, as proven) fighting it. Fight with it, fight alongside it, fight for it. It's not the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Reading this blog makes me believe nobody in O&B really knows what's going on with the emails. Critical point nobody is bringing up: Sam and the Alligator weren't the only ones mailed a copy, how else would Reilly and the rest find out about the emails before hand?

Anonymous said...

Ben Dictor is like King Henry VIII:He starts a new church, tells the old one to fuck off, and belatedly legitimizes his mistress.

Nina and Melody are both on the slate. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the fuck 11:39 is talking about, however, due to Benedix's connections the IDF has made a generous gift to the Orange and Blue Party.

Anonymous said...

Christian Duque loves Blow!

Anonymous said...

@11:33 He sent them?

Justin Wooten said...

11:07 is just more proof of the completely defeatist nature of the O&B.

Anonymous said...

Justin: O&B is spending a whole hell of a lot of money on shirts, fliers, and banners. Progress is spending 3k tops and has spent most of its press time trying to sink O&B. Please explain to me which side has already accepted defeat?

Anonymous said...

How is the idea that resources are necessary to run a campaign defeatist? You're just a nut.

Anonymous said...

the o and b party is not defeatist, it is just analytical of reality.
I am convinced that TheBenDictor and Simmons really could care less about changing the system.
As a matter of fact, they should be ashamed of themselves.
First, they claim that they have significant BSU support, then that myth is busted when Budget Man comes out for O and B. Then they say they have the best slate ever, when in fact the CLAS slate is made up of loyalists and people naive enough to believe Mitch's electoral analysis, and the fresh/soph seats are in large part made up of the sort of anti-social Hume kids that rarely come out of their rooms, again plus those young and naive enough to believe they can win with Dictor.
The funny part is he literally said back in December to me that he had absolutely no intention of staying at UF next year. He claims that the markets have changed, but that again is not true, because they have not moved significantly since December when he claimed it.
He also said that he felt it was his duty to run as SBP and he said even if he won he would not stay at UF. He said that the O and B party needed him. Based off of everything I have seen and heard, the top leadership of Progress is in this race to massage their egos.
I am going to laugh very hard when all these kids that have been duped realize when the election results come in that they were sold a rotten bag of potatos, and then all the Progress leadership will leave through graduation even though they claim otherwise. That will leave a bunch of far leftists without a cause. Good luck coming back to O and B. Perhaps then you will begin to think semi-objectively

Justin Wooten said...

12:45 is Travis Hornsby, and I don't claim anything.

Travis is another O&B defeatist who goes up to people whining about how we're spoiling the election for them and that "we're both going to lose." He is also harassing people on Facebook that slated with us.

Given the childish, cowardly way O&B people act, I wish we would have done this a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

12:45 is Travis Hornesby.

And if anyone is an awkward, anti-social kid... I'm pretty sure we can all agree it's him.

Well... him or Niederriter...who they also slated in CLAS.

Unite will win. Simple as that.

Joshua said...


I know I have a reputation or whatever, but it'd be nice if you'd actually introduce yourself and meet me in person before trashing me for being an egotist or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Winning is all relative, Justin.

So you are right. Progress very well may "win". But does the rest of your party know what you mean when you say "win"?

Do they know that "winning" to you and the rest of the Progress Party "leadership" is nothing more than keeping O&B from gaining senate seats out of spite and hatred?

Do they know "winning" is getting revenge?

Do they know that "winning" is teaching O&B what you think is a lesson in respect for not sucking Ben Dictor off?

There is a difference between defeatism and pragmatism.

There is a difference between living in reality and a fantasy world created by a lust for revenge.

If O&B are so defeatist why are they coming at you with everything they have?

Take your weak talking point and go back to using it on even weaker minds like Ferdaouis, Peter, and Eric. They will believe you when you tell them these are not the droids they are looking for.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if anonymous has ever met me before, because if they have i think they would revise their statement.
it's not defeatist to suggest that a third party might get like 5% and cause problems in a close race.
and for the record, progress doesnt matter. you might cause some problems this election cycle, but you are a bump on the path to real progress, which will culminate in an ability to compete over ideas in the absence of an FBK controlled system.
i'll say what ive always said, if TheBenDictor really felt wronged, then he would have run just an exec slate. obviously, this is about ego. politics is a lot about ego, and i understand that it a component. what is a problem is when people misinform other people about the reasons for doing something and about their chances for success. and speaking of cowardice, if people felt so strongly about gmg and could show something besides hearsay, maybe they would come forward. im still really confused on this issue. i honestly can say i dont know what is the actual truth. im so confused. also, not harassing, one message to one person once is not harassing
i challenge anyone, post statistics or electoral results on this blog showing any election anywhere where there is a similar sg system where a start-up party has overwhelmed the other two with massive voter turnout. if someone can post that data, i will respect their opinion.

Anonymous said...

Progress Party's treasurer was going around in January telling people Dictor would not be here for another school year. Funny how things change

Anonymous said...

oh and i should apologize for stereotyping, these election campaigns get pretty heated, i have no doubt virtually all the candidates are well intentioned people, and i shouldnt characterize people as anti-social hume kids
imagine what the civil war must have been like, at least we arent killing each other like they did back then

Anonymous said...

and joshua you are right i shouldnt characterize anyone before meeting them in person.
you may understand though that from what i have heard, selling out the indie movement two years ago and going around asking what people would want to sell out, then changing support from mccain to obama at the last second which is fine if you felt that way but wasnt right the way you did it, to now where you seemingly create chaos on purpose because the Officials or whatever they are called do not want to take back someone with a history of political betrayal, you can see where i have formed my opinion.
you seem like a nice person, but a strange political animal.

Justin Wooten said...

10:31 PM, you know, I don't mind people slandering me on this blog. In fact, it kind of cheers me up sometimes. I can even tolerate screwing with people like Dictor, Simmons and Laumann. I don't even mind all your bullshit rhetoric about what you think our party is all about. But going after extremely nice people like Ferdaouis is just fucked up. It really is a fucking low-life move. Grow the fuck up.

I mean seriously, even the Gator Party people don't stoop to this kind of shit. I'm literally ashamed I ever worked with you people at all. You guys really are the Indy Trash party.

Anonymous said...

11:01... at least not yet...

Anonymous said...

guys, can we just please move SG in a positive, new direction?

also travis hornsby is weird as shit.

Anonymous said...

oh, and justin.

it the unite party. not the gator party. get it straight, jeez!

Galen said...

Interesting, and sad. This seems to be a repeat of the last time there was a Progress Party. I'm an alum with no current ties, but I guess people just don't learn. If the indies split they won't win, so they have to come to some sort of compromise. there's nothing noble about running a campaign you know you will lose, especially when you have the same supposed values as the other indy party. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Galen, Josh knows this because he was around right after that election. He is using the same as a final fuck you to the indies he has spent the last two years trying to be knife.