Sunday, October 07, 2007

The SG Observer

Let me start off by saying: I have no clue what happened. I've received several conflicting reports and all I know is that the blog that I thought would carry the torch has gone from hacked to members-only. The Students need the SGO, they need a viable alternative to the Alligator and the SG News. So whatever the case, I'm here to help in any capacity I can and I sincerely hope the blog returns. Those of you that wrote for that site should be very proud of yourselves, in the two years blogging yours was the only blog that I truly enjoyed reading, a close second being NAGAS; my least favorites Reitz Rambler & Swamp Pundette -- very dry, mixed up by the occasional wave of officialism.

Still, as much as I love the SGO, I also have to be fair. I sent out a question to select readers (Keys & GDI's) on why they felt the Observer went off-line. Up until now the only response has come from Will Foster whoM (lol) stated the following:
Earlier that day, Ryan Day was beaten before the elections commission. Ryan became a conspiracy wackjob and claimed that Progress slid the campaign crap under the doors so Gator's Hume candidate would get in trouble. Then a blog that has never had remotely accurate info about the independents gets "hacked by Progress" a few hours later. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

From Fmr. Student Senator/Gator Party Leader J. Clayton Brett:
It was most likely hacked by disgruntled SG patriarchs who couldn't handle 3 Sig Eps being ranked 1,2, and 3 in the resurrected, extemporaneous, Senate Hottie Poll.

*Actually, regardless of any evidence of "hacking," SGO has the right to provide whatever medium of communication it prefers. There is no central authority who judges blogs on abstract standards of "fairness;" the market for information will determine its success - derived from our individual choices. It still provides a constructive forum for discussion but adds some integrity by removing the tabloid-esque, degenerate anonymous posting. It is essentially the same limiting mechanism you use with an added measure of privacy.

If I had to provide a value judgment, I'd say it is generally positive. As I related to the lovely Gainesville Sun reporter, anon-posters have made a considerably negative impact on the influence and legitimacy of the SG blogosphere; some would even deem it as irrelevant to SG as the "The Weekly World News" is to American politics.


I also want to thank Sam Miorelli. I finally added the GDI Legend (and I mean that with all sincerity) on facebook -- it was long overdue. I was glad you accepted but totally moved by his 'friend-detail.' What a nice guy.

Another thanks goes out to Brian Aungst who invited me to attend the first UPD Procedure Review Committee. He emailed and called and I can't thank him enough for that. Sadly, however, my fears were yet again confirmed with by FBK-backed Ryan Moseley. The student body president made promises that he would not load this committee up with SG big-whigs and what did the SBP do in the end? Why was Frank Bracco kept off this post?! I have faith in Brian, a great deal of faith b/c unlike certain others in the system fold, Mr. Aungst has never been for sale. However, who can really take Ryan Moseley seriously? Who took John Boyles seriously? I took Jamal seriously. And while this may be shocking to times I took Joe Goldberg seriously as well.

Aside from not attending student events (unlike Charles Grapski) b/c I'm not a student and I'm not looking for accolades, I still wouldn't have gone because Ryan Moseley and his Gator/Swamp Party violated the integrity of that Committee before it's first minute in action. Not only did they force the first meeting strategically with the elections, but they also went back on their word about committee membership.

In other news let's congratulate Pakistan's president and toast at Swamp with glasses overflowing to the democratic process!

The general won 98 percent of the votes - 671 of the 685 ballots cast in the assemblies were for him, and eight were for one of his opponents, Wajihuddin Ahmed, a former Supreme Court judge, according to unofficial results. Source

Sound familiar?....


Anonymous said...

huh I guess Day isn't as crazy as Will and Liz would like us to believe.

Suddenly it's apparent whose been doing all the bashing around here - and it's the "indies".

What a damn suprise.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the results from the Fall election???

Anonymous said...

Check out now and make them burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Sam isn't an indy legend. James, MacKenzie, Adam, Tommy, Dennis, David, and Rose are the legends.

The only thing Sam has done is pissed off us enough to kill his Accent seat and run the Progress Party into the ground. His "campaign" consisted of Hume. I guess Sam gave true Indy cred to the Indies by only contesting one seat.