Monday, April 23, 2007

Posting Thoughts

No...turns out we were all wrong. Somehow I exceeded the download capacity given to me by BellSouth, not exactly sure how I did that and I don't think it was female muscle porn as one loyal reader stated. However, upon calling BellSouth they asked how many programs I had running, I replied "5," though from their end they said I had "40+" ----- SPYWARE!

I rarely ask my readers for advice, but if any of you know of good software to buy to treat this please let me know. I have to get my cover changed anyway, so I could go back to the shop though I wasn't planning on doing that anytime soon. I'm lucky to have a custom built pc, because the guys are really nice and the shop is wonderful (A+ComputerGeeks on 34thSt., also there's no better a computer expert than my buddy Andrew Hoffman, he's fixed all sorts of things for me).

The initial spyware got on at the ALA site, once I downloaded software to play video that resulted in trojans and spyware from MyWebSearch & a variety of anti-spyware scams. I emailed the ALA website's current owner, who I believe is Eileen McCoy and I'll be letting her know the specifics of the file so that will not happen to others.

As far as videos on Alachua, I have a few coming out this week -- God willing.

R&E And Facebook Group
I'm happy that my old committee is investigating the ad that offended so many Arabs, Muslims, & Progressive students and misrepresented Student Government in one of the worst instances it recent history. It's so sad to see a current Supreme Court justice taking any side and working as a legal counsel, how is that legal? When have we ever seen a Supreme Court justice step down from the bench and fight for a case, I believe this fact alone will make the Supreme Court biased and if R&E rules and for any reason it goes before UF's Supreme Court... well we'll deal with that if it ever happens, but it won't be pretty.

The facebook group is gaining members quickly. My hope is that by the end of this semester it will have over 1,000 members. Special operations lay ahead, the Dean will do his job, but TheRadikal won't go off into tangents. I'll report more updates in due time.

The Book Fair Is Open Till 1, Today is the last chance
That's what that they're saying at the Circulation Desk behind me, here at Howard Bishop Middle. It's really of no significance to you, but why not be spontaneous and throw it in?

Students, Campus, & Concealed Weapons
I'll talk about this one later -- several students joining these types of facebook groups, will discuss later.


will said...


Use MS's Windows Defender, (1) many will claim that you should use lavasofts's adaware or spybot search and destroy but they need to grow up. Defender was developed out of house by GIANT and has consistently detected and removed more than any other anti spyware program. If you are having a problem with CoolWebSearch you need to use the CWShredder (2).

For anti virus programs you should use AOL's anti virus program (2). Again, many will claim its an AOL product so it sucks but it is really Kaspersky's antivirus program rebranded. Kaspersky is the best. Other people may tell you to use AVG, avast, or antivir.

Or you can just by a Mac.


Christian Duque said...

I've used all that. I used Spy Bot Search & Destroy and it claims to have taken out 135 bad files. Plus in Safe Mode it took out the more complex ones.

Everything words fine except for youtube and similar uploads. They'll start out strong at say 35-55 kb/sec then slowly reduce to 20, 15, 10, stop and freeze usually with only 10-20% of the video uploaded.

It's a real pain in the ass. BellSouth tech coming out tomorrow. I'll keep you guys updated.

Anonymous said...

Macs are only security through obscurity. Similar to firefox being security through obscurity originally. It is a widely used corporate etc. tactic. Problem is when they become too mainstream... people start creating problems with them. Firefox has more exploits per month than internet explorer now.

Anonymous said...

At least he's not talking about eggs anymore...

Gavin Baker said...

Solution to spyware:

You don't really need Windows anyway. And it's free.