Sunday, April 22, 2007

Have I Been Hacked?

Interesting...ever since going to the ALA website and downloading an Active X file from there, I've been notified of having several trojan horses and since then, even after quarantining them, I cannot seem to upload any youtube videos. I'm furious to say the least and at times have wanted to punch a hole through my wall, lol. Interestingly everything works, email, downloads, everything, except I can't upload videos. I wonder if the Active X threw me off or rather, if I've been hacked.

Nice to know who's out there.


Anonymous said...

oh damn, what a shame

Anonymous said...

I'm irrational with grief.

Anonymous said...

It's your porn habit. Stop downloading the videos, you just managed to give your computer the equivalent of an STD. No one cares enough to hack into your computer specifically.

It's muscular chick porn, isn't it.

pedro said...

tsk tsk ActiveX user. Download Firefox 2.0! :-)


Anonymous said...

3:25 beat me to it...

Christian Duque said...

Lol. "Oh Damn what a Shame."

"It's muscular chick porn, isn't it."
ROFL They are hot though:)
Strong is sexy. Ok TMI

Already have the new firefox will try again later.

TY Pedro :)

Guy at bestbuy said something interesting. ISP may have cut my uploading due to excessive use. He says that this happens often with Bell South and that all other function would work fine, except for that, so I'll look into this too.

Off to the gym. Today is leg day and I have an mp3 player full of Bon Jovi, LA Guns, Motley Crue, Buckcherry, & Skid Row. Basically c*ck-rock for the gym:) Woo Hoo!