Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Gator Tyranny: The New UF-SG

Submitted By A Reader

Who was it that said Chomp The Vote was under new [serious] leadership? I mean I used to get all worked up by the ineptness of some mainstream party appointees, but after a year in office and almost two years observing from afar, I can honestly say that many well-connected bureaucrats could easily fuck up a cup of coffee.

When will people learn... with an SG PR Committee ready to work and an overzealous Gator Machine, overzealous in flapping their gums to naive constituents expecting more out of CTV, we see a cheap b&w flier, poorly formatted, & with a lede that warranted a Radikal-reader to take a photo and send it in. I don't know which is more pathetic, John Boyles' ineffective, lameduck administration or Ryan Moseley's incoming crew of dimwits & flunkies.

Let's set the record straight. I have always liked JCB and have been very grateful for his many contributions to the blog, however, I feel that the end result of his complaint seriously weakened the democratic tradition in SG at UF. I attribute this to an incompetent Supreme Court, a politically-charged Elections Committee that castigated PANTS on what's clearly been an established double standard, and last but not least, I attribute a great disservice to the Student Body by way of an inept administration. I find it most troubling (despite my liking of Fmr. Sen. Brett) that after soundly defeating PANTS at the polls, that the Gator Party would go play the role of desperate party and file motions and cases in the hopes of taking every seat (even if this means robbing the student body out of their lone Indie pic). This past action by way of Gator was most shameful, perhaps topping the treachery of it's high Indie Turncoat population.

From An Email:

"However, even if Cupoli agreed, we'd have the same problem that the online voting initiative faced when this same SC held a meeting in violate of Sunshine laws (the infamous no-notice meeting)-- Dean Gene found there that even though the SC violated law, what was done is done and the deadline for recourse had passed. By the time you read this, the EC will have validated the results, and the senate certified them. It's law now. Unless PTI [Patricia Telles-Irvin] (Machen's delegate to sign off on all SG law) refuses to sign off. Unfortunately though, I don't think she gives two shits about defending Pants or the principle of a free and fair democracy."

Democracy in Student Government
at the University of Florida
is hereby pronounced:
Dead On Arrival.


francisco said...

Now, now, Christian I don't think you have the full story on the Chomp the Vote.

Chomp the Vote is currently under interm control by an unaffiliated Tyler Antar. Mr. Antar was interested in helping out after he read about Hannah's failures and Mr. Lutin and Mr. Boyles put in him the spot. He has been out in Turlington at least making a showing and has registered a couple of people. I have also spoken with him and expressed interest in helping him in whatever he does until a new director takes over (that is to say if he isn't left in the position).

Mr. Antar is the one who set up this meeting, orginally at his own house because the Registar did not officially recognize him as a member of Student Government and required a faculty sig...but he did receive some help from another person to get this scheduled at the SG office. I passed word to Mr. Moseley about Tyler to at least let him know that there was someone working on this but as far as I have heard applications are still going out for exec positions, including CTV.

I think you need to print a retraction Christian.

Anonymous said...

Wow you realize Gator didn't even argue their point and at that point Pants summarily threw themselves on the cross.

Christian Duque said...

I will look into writing a retraction , if it's warranted. TY for your comment.

Anonymous said...

So? Have you looked into writing a retraction yet? I'm on pins and needles, here.

Anonymous said...

I will be very interested to see what Antar has to say tonight at the meeting