Friday, March 23, 2007

Farewell, See You Soon Bro

For the record, I didn't call JCB a homo, it was a funny image I've wanted to use for a long time. Also I don't use the term's "gay" or "homo" to discriminate against gays & lesbians, I use them as popular culture does to poke fun, like MTV does, like VH1 does, like Howard Stern does, like all the Kevin Smith movies have. Still, I find it quite humorous that Gays & Lesbians in SG circles want to attack me for using controversial terms. I also love the fact that Frank Bracco is asking me to write retractions and that a new blog is up and running -- whether it will 'compete' with TR is a misnomer, as I'll do everything in my power to divert traffic their way. Truthfully, I've been on top, no, actually I have been the UF SG Blogging for over a year now. I saw Attila's and Concerned Citizen come and go, I just hope that this new blog will stand the test of at least a month. If it can go a month, I believe it will survive for a while, though the timing leaves a little to be desired.

Tonight is Pete's going away party, tomorrow and Sunday I'll be sure to hang out with my pledge brother as well. A part of me wants to get up and follow him to D.C., he wants the same, but I've already been certified in one subject area and offered two f/t jobs for next year. I'll teach for a couple of years and then possibly and finally apply to law schools and/or stay for the long haul -- I love teaching.

Peter's interview will be up tonight at around 2-3am after I get home from the party. I'm on a cut phase, so I'll prolly take a 16oz Gatorade with two scoops of Whey and some Glutamine powder in it and take swigs off of that all night. Beer and liquor are poison for what I'm trying to do.

Also check your emails as I'll be writing an open letter to Alachua Mayor Jean Calderwood in addition updating my latest site a site aimed at preserving Hiapanic/Latino Culture and protecting Illegal Immigrants from undue bigotry and harassment. The site has been up less than 24hrs and I'm hoping it will be huge! It's a work in progress, but I hope to be mentioned by fascist radio & tv show hosts very, very shortly. :)


Anonymous said...

FBK Tapping is tomorrow Christian. Andrew Hoffman went up again. Don't worry he doesn't have any chance in hell of getting in.

UF SG Observer said...

We love the support Christian! We love your blog as well, as can be seen with our RSS Feed of your blog on our sidebar. We have a little group of people gathered to provide input and our biggest mission is to provide students with a different perspective. Realistic, no…but I am sure you never expected your blog to draw so much attention when you started off either. We are looking to add more contributors to our group and input is always welcome. Multiple streams of input that provide multiple viewpoints are crucial to any government system, including SG; we hope to contribute to that stream. If our group will be able to accomplish its goals is like trying to read tea leaves but time will tell if we will be able to last for the long run. Our timing isn’t all that great considering our release but our dedication will hopefully be able to make up for that.

Keep up the good work!

The UF SG Observer Team

Anonymous said...

Grapski works for the system???

Christian Duque said...

That link doesn't work. I took the "d" off and scanned the directory but didn't really have time to find anything on Grapski; please repost the correct link.

As far as Andrew & FBK, I have no immediate comment. I trust in Andrew's integrity and whatever the outcome, he's a good person with very strong moral convictions, so either way I'll be fine with the outcome.

I never would have applied to FBK but that's just my own way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

You never would have gotten in.

Anonymous said...

And neither will Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Yeah Grapski briefly joined up with some system people in 96 because he hated Colin Murphy. The idea was that half the system had though burgoon was going to lose and were privately supporting murphy. Grapski hated murphy, and thought he was a right winger.

Burgoon, the fbk candidate, ended up winning by a close margin!

Christian Duque said...

"you never would have gotten in."

Ya think? Why would ->I<- the most hardcore of the Greek-Indies ever have joined FBK? Had I kept my nose clean, kept working for the ignite type parties, and followed our Key CC yes I would have. I knew what I had to do and could have easily got in, Scott really liked me btw (and for the record, I liked him back and still think he was great).

However, I'm an Independent; I'm still somewhat at odds with the fact I went Greek but you know, I really enjoyed that part of my life and have no regrets.

I chose my path and am very happy with my decision. I, unlike many other GDI's, never applied to FBK. Some have applied and are very militantly Independent, but you have to wonder "what if," what if they had been tapped, would they even be here with us?...