Sunday, January 22, 2006

Crossovers Or Betrayals?

What happened to Access? Where did the ideals of the Spring 2004 go? By the early Spring 2005 John Boyles abandoned ACCESS, next Diane Kassim would abandon Impact, next Becca Guerra would abandon Impact/Progress, and now (if rumors are true) Mackenzie Moritz has abandoned his own party to work for his 'friend' John Boyles. At the risk of losing a somewhat touching Gatorpedia entry, I must say that I'm quite disappointed to say the least in the former Progress presidential candidate, I mean let's not forget where John Boyles was last semester! Let's also not forget that since back in the early days when John Boyles was a favorite of Mike Provenzale that our once Access loyal colleague had begun to let his true colors shine from the very start. I can shake hands with Joe Goldberg and I have no problem being professional-even-cordial with members of Florida Blue Key, but at least I know whom I'm dealing with. I can't honestly say that I ever truly knew who John Boyles was or what he was about. I can say that on a personal level I wish him the best, but politically I don't believe he's good for the student body.

Also, at the risk of distancing myself and pushing myself even farther into the fringes, I don't believe traitors deserve to be part of the kind of student government we are trying to build. If you betrayed the students once, I don't believe Access should enable you to be able to do it a second time. You can drink and rub elbows with whoever you want, but the moment you sell your ass for a quarter or for a senate seat, then you're a worthless scumbag that I would prefer not to have in my company. I for one want a clean SG and I want to work with people that are serious about change, not serious about their own personal advancement. Now these are some fiery statements I'm making and they are not directed at Mackenzie (the people I'm talking about know exactly who they are) . However, I think Mackenzie (if really going over to Boyles) should weigh in the consequences of his decisions.

If Mackenzie crosses over, will he be professional enough to work from scratch with Boyles? Or, will Mackenzie pull a Ryan Belanger (2004 Innovate candidate for senate). Mr. Belanger had unsuccessfully run with the Student Alliance Party against Ignite backed Kyle Jones in 2003. In 2004 when Ignite fractured between Innovate and Access, Belanger sealed a seat with the larger Greek faction and tried to say that the Student Alliance followed him over to Innovate which was a lie. Thanks to SAP leaders like Frances Harrell, Eric Gordon, and Brian Offenther, the truth about SAP's true support came to light. While the Mackenzie switch is all rumors up until now and while the extent of my knowledge on the Progress Party is limited at best, I believe Progress like Voice were parties that pushed the Independent card to the limit and I seriously doubt that the party would support a character like John Boyles.

That's all for now. As usual I don't expect any serious comments or to be carried in any of the Greek-fueled blogs, but TheRadikal continues to be an important medium for reading an ALTERNATIVE viewpoint. I'm out.

Christian Duque


Gatorman said...

WHile I am very late in posting this, I do find it odd that earlier this summer you had a full on belief that Miss Kassim would be the best choice for the independents, but now that John Boyles is put in a position to gain independents, you would say traitor to the cause is he.

Make up you mind

Christian Duque said...

Correction contempt for Boyles is equally held for Hernandez. I'm not playing the field here, because both candidates and both parties stink, really stink.

And I have never said I wasn't big behind Diane, but Diane's choice to have Andre Samuels run her campaign didn't sit well with me. I may be gdi (old school at that) but I can back up my position with historical soundness. Boyles is a Greek lapdog and Hernandez will do anything to be president, neither of these gentlemen have the class of a Jamal Sowell or a Scott Kennelly, of a Dennis Ngin or a John Pughe, they just don't have it and I can't, I won't choose one of them and pretend like everything's ok, I mean what kind of a person does that...actually most Americans, but I guarantee you that the Americans that get to vote Libertarian or Green, I guarantee you these folks feel a hell of a lot better at the end of the day than most people voting dem or republican.

Sometimes in life, if you just don't shut up and don't bow down, it makes you feel real good inside. Try it sometime.