Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ACCESS: Safe Again!

Last semester when Impact was marrying Progress and the steady trickle of sellouts crossing the strike lines seemed catastrophic, I had counseled my esteemed colleague and ACCIONUF partner Sen. Ansell Fernandez to register the Access Party' name so as to keep it safe. I knew last Spring that John Boyles would be back, I knew last Fall that "Becca" Guerra would be back, and sure enough I had counseled Sen. Fernandez to re-register the Access name for the Spring '05 elections and use it for what it was always intended, as the war cry of the Independent community. Sure enough, as we turned in the paper work that secured the ACCESS name to the side of the independent, the downtrodden and forgotten...sure enough we ran into a certain former ally, one of the 'converts' too late to steal the name that had brought her and her presidential hopeful, that had brought me and countless other independents to office in the Spring of 2004 to office. How low have these sellouts gone that not only have they sold their souls to the FBK devils but now they'd sink so low as to sell perhaps the last good thing they could have assoicated themselves with, the party of Francis Harrell, of James Argento, of Eric Gordon, of Christian Duque, of Peter Gruskin, of Eric Waters, of Dennis Ngin, of Thomas Jardon, of Andrew Hoffman, of so many fighters tried and true. I don't think so! I was not going to permit the sellouts to further defile their roots or the party that put all of us on the map.

ACCESS is safe, Ansell Fernandez is the party president, and with some hardwork we will elect a better man to the SG presidency than one whom sleeps with the enemy.

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