Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Voice, Slating, & SG

(A Confused Gator Party applicant)

Well the Voice Party registered for its third time consecutive election and stayed quiet. what a shocker! But not to worry, once I return from my LSAT prepping, I will once again bring the party out to represent the very best the fringes of UF's student body population has to offer.

I'm confident that the new Impact Party will work hard and hopefully will take a few seats...but as I've said on other blogsites, it would have been much more fitting to have had all three parties working together under a coalition flag, because as it stands now, only the Impact logo is being used and this simple twist of PR-strategizing, I believe, will hinder the success of the now 'united' front. In any event, it's not all sour grapes, I think that the average Voice supporter will vote his/her I'm not seriously worried as to where our 9% will go.

Lastly, I chuckled (yes, it's true, I mean how often do I use this term to refer to amusement) at the quotes given by some of the 'prospective' Gator Party senate candidates. I mean sure, I'm older, I've been in SG, maybe I even have a leg up on life, but at 18, 19, 20 yrs old you practically an adult, you could be in Iraq killing civilians, or wearing a badge and framing up the kids of working class families... still I appreciate the candor, if not the complete obliviousness of the young, bright potential candidates of the FBK-backed Greek Machine Party.

These kids are openly stating they support Gator because their houses do, nothing new. But what takes the prize, is that some candidates (whom you know have been slated or wouldn't be quoted in the friggin paper) are saying they don't even know the difference between the two parties!!! How pathetic is it, that the ruling party boasts of over 200 interviews but has interested students that don't even grasp the tip of the iceberg, that can't distinguish between two party platforms? What kind of leaders is the Gator Party trying to get elected this Fall?


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