Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gator, Impact, & Who?....

Today's Alligator editorial cartoon left me thinking. So there's three parties in senate, hmmm..., this kind of like last summer when we had Access, Innovate, and all the Fall 'Ignite' senators... but in my book they were either Pro-Access or Pro-Innovate, I don't recall the Fall Igniters having their own caucus meetings or bloc-voting during the summer of '04. It's interesting how the students are being sold the fascade of tri-party cooperation in chambers, when in all reality there is only one party calling the shots in there. As much as I like Adelle, it's hard for me to believe she's the Access leader when for most of last Spring's election season I'd see her sporting Gator Party t-shirts. I know she didn't stay with Gator for the entire ride, moving over to Impact later, but either way...she was Gator and then Impact (however NOT a neutral Access party senator as this tri-party setup implies).... When will SG'ers get with the program? Some of us from the Access days are starting to sound like old fogies talking about those days, but how much more will the yellow & blue get milked? I mean for crying out loud, last Fall's "Access" was a joke, perhaps even in greater magnitudes than the version of the party registered by Michael Shine in Spring '05. That false incarnation of Access (F'04) resulted in the creation of Voice nearly one year ago today. Voice was a protest that fell largely on deaf ears but did FORCE the machine party to acquiesce to certain demands.

I just find it very insulting that the students are being made to believe that there are in fact three distinct powerbases in senate. I guess I might have more insights if I actually went to meetings, but this is as close as I'll get to SG, because I'm a firm believer that everyone gets a turn to play leader and then they go back to being concerned students or proud alumni (in my present case). I really can't stand career SG politicians, but a select few do such a good job that in their case its a service to the student body for them to continue on. Go Diane!!! (I like John too, Jared's ok, but um....oh yeah...GO DIANE!!!!)

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