Monday, August 01, 2005

The KA Suspension

My view on hazing is very different than what many people have come to expect from me. I am a diehard independent, I believe in individuality, freedom, and across-the-boards reforms, however, I am also Greek and as a member of the Greek community I see myself a hardline traditionalist. I offer my opinion on fraternities solely, not to be sexist, but purely and simply because this is all I know of from a ritual-perspective.

I believe that in this day in age, the concept of brotherhood in many houses has been watered down to the point that pledges and even many initiated members of a house fail to grasp the extent of brotherhood and what exactly that means. Fraternities are deep rooted in masonic rituals, they are intended to be either secret or semi-secret societies whereby whatever goes on in a fraternity member's house stays in that house, be it conversation all the way to ritual.

What has been labeled 'hazing' by this university's judicial reviews is ridiculous and outrageous. These heavily-biased judicial reviews have no legal power, none. Fraternities that take part in this clearly flawed 'legal process' find themselves disproving their guilt, as opposed to defending their innocence from the moment they put their feet in these chambers. Fraternities have House Corps and vast state, national, and international resources at their disposal. Fraternities should ignore the calls from the DSO/Judicial Affairs and engage the University in real courts of law and they should take the advice of their graduate brothers over even their own wishes, because members of an undergraduate chapter can be easily deceived by the Greek-hating tyrants of this university's administration.

While I will not elaborate on tangible examples of what hazing is or is not, I will state that it is an imperative part of pledge education, it builds unity amongst the pledge class, and it weeds out the men from the boys. If a potential pledge cannot endure what every man before him has and is unwilling to give what is expected of him, he should be blackballed immediately. Joining a fraternity, is not so much about popularity, it's not about getting drunk, high*, and laid...though these activities do help pass the time quite nicely, the real reason a young man joins a fraternity is have a group of men he can trust to have his back in the life ahead, to be able to network with others to ensure he will make a good living in life, and to help others both in his local chapter as well as in the national/international organization to make it through the path and reach success. A fraternity is not a club, a fraternity is not a loose-membership entity, it is not merely a social experience, it is something very sacred, in ritual, history, and brotherhood and no man should reap these benefits without proving himself accordingly. Stealing signs may seem infantile, but don't get stuck looking at things in black-and-white, look beyond the tasks, and try to rationalize what else may be going on.

I hope that Kappa Alpha Order goes underground, continues to initiate pledges (even if hiding their names from nationals), I hope that KA continues its chapter meetings, and I hope that Greek men realize that the FRATERNITY is not the house, it is not the socials, it is not what some goon from the administration says, it is HISTORY, it is RITUAL, and it is BROTHERHOOD.


alleygator said...

Great post - I agree with you, but I can also understand the other side's perspective. KA was just too much of a liability for both the school and the national HQ at this point. Yes, other groups do the same thing (or worse), but fair or not, the difference is that they don't get caught.

Princess Helen said...

I'm a non-traditional student at a small liberal arts school, so I don't have a lot of insight into "true" Greek life. But, I agree that tradition should not be so easily shaken. College is dangerous - it's the transition into adulthood and the four years where kids see how much they can do and still survive...I had a friend fall out of a third story window! It seems like if the "political correctness" keeps up, college kids will eventually wind up walking around in helmets and bubbles. But hey, what do I friend fell out of a third story window.