Wednesday, December 08, 2010


TheRadikal will return in 2011 with a string of SG-related Q&A's - some big names! Also some blasts from the past. The #1 UF-SG blog will be back! Check back a few days before Christmas for a Holiday-season interview!

Also I may finally re-visit the '05 Voice campaign. That was a great time for me because I was finally in the driver's seat, making the final decisions on all matters, and thanks in large part to my decision to run a second tier senator with no party affiliations as our executive candidate, I was the most senior member of the entire party -- being a senator, member of cabinet, member of the Reitz Union Board of Managers, and key ally to the sitting SG President. In the end, the candidate wouldn't walk away empty-handed... he walked away with the chairman's girlfriend and they lived happily ever after. People like that are meant for each other you know? But running my own party was a lot of fun - and that's all I care to say. I think five years is a decent cooling off period, no? lol

Running your own party is where it's at, especially if you have really good ideas (in my day I never had bad ideas, lol) and you can't get the party you're with to listen to you.

I have always wondered what it would have been like had Justin Wooten had his own party. Maybe one day we'll see Justin vying for a major elected positon - and winning ;)

For those currently at UF looking to run a party on principle, make sure to find a front-runner that doesn't know if he's on foot or horseback - these types of candidates are very easy to program and they're quite easy to find :) My goal w/ Voice was to be Andre Samuels -- I always looked up to him -- but he was fortunate b/c he had one heck of a great President to work w//for. I had a dweeb. lol

What's going on w/ Alan Martin, Gator Football, and Armando Grundy? I miss pizza at Leonardo's, coffee at Maude's, and _____ @ Cafe Risque.


Anonymous said...

Justin would have to become a UF student first.

Lew Welge said...

It's early February, 2011, and no posts here. Wuz up!?

Kudos to the Egyptians putting it on the line for democratic change.

Where in the world is Keith Olbermann? I/we miss him!!

Ten score and two years ago on February 12th, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin near present day Hodgenville(sp?) Kentucky. Check me out as "The Great Emancipator" at

Anonymous said...

Too much reminiscing here! I thought the clock only ticked forward. Jack, promise me you'll never let go.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot to cover...