Thursday, February 04, 2010

Schneider Resigns!

It took longer than expected, but Dave Schneider did right by the side of the movement. Justin Wooten and the Progress hardliners should pat themselves on the back right now -- though there's not much left to be happy about. Much like the Fall 2005, the mainstream Indie's once again had their way over the more GDI hardliners (see Impact/Progress 'Marriage').

Like Bruce Haupt, Dave Schneider has now accepted his fate - being cast into the wilderness. A man without a party. Schneider and Wooten may be the Grapski's of the next generation.

The independent movement has been pirated no different than many vessels off the Cape of Good Hope. Ben Cavataro, the senator that called down the fight for Alan Passman, the senator that was MIRACULOUSLY SPARED from Greek/FBK scrutiny over his re-election as Hume Senator, is now the "independent's candidate for student body president."

God save the movement.


Anonymous said...

called down the fight for alan passman? what does that even mean?

Someone7 said...
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Justin Wooten said...

"Too little too late." - Dictor

Anonymous said...

There's something really wrong with your boy duque. Apparently JW and Toto got into it again at a local eatery.

It's really sad when an imaginary person beats you up in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

Duque refuses to comment on the election. Sure sucks about losing the left doesn't it? We only got 20 seats guys.