Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Tradition Rich in Insensitivity

""Progress is dead. Now they've taken a shit on the corpse."

Justin Wooten

"Due to his outstanding service as Treasurer, Yaniz was elected President of Gators for Israel in 2009."

Quoted from:

Who can forget Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West? Who can forget SG=funded ads making UF students distrustful of their fellow Arab & Muslim studens? Who can forget SG-sponsored trips to AIPAC's National Conference? Who can forget when the Zionist lobby united to oust a progressive, Jewish cabinet director named Peter David Gruskin from office in late 2004?

SG has rich tradition in insenitivity towards members of the University's Muslim & Arab populations, as well as against those few tried & true friends that amount to the greater community.

But UF is the exception - here - the battle-lines are clearly drawn in the sand. Here, the Zionists cannot make this about Judaism vs. Arabs & Muslims, because at UF, some of the most prominent leaders and friends of the downtrodden-upon communities have been courageous Jews unwilling to allow their religion to be hijacked by a group of relgiously-devoid, nationalistically-driven radical zealots.

Zionists know about as much of the Torah or the Talmud, as Republicans in America know about hunger and need in the United States - nothing! Zionists hijacked the Jewish religion and use it for their own nefarious aims: such as deposing a people from the lands and forcing them into bantustans where they're forced to live surrounded by barbwire, patrolled by tanks, attacked by air, denied citizenry, and subjected to sub-human treatment. The Zionists carry these horrors in the name of a religion that before their arrival, was deeply-rooted in peace, co-existence, and love.

Some people in America think 911 when they hear muslim fundamentalism, but perhaps more Americans when hearing the term Zionism, should think King David Hotel and USS Liberty -- just a thought.

Enough of a tangent. I'd like to congratulate the socially-conscious and tactful UF student body community for having a party that's selected the president of Gators for Israel (a group at times even considered fringe by JSU) as its candidate for Student Body Treasurer (hereinafter "SBT").

The SBT at the University of Florida's Student Government is a key, strategic post. First of all, if my memory serves me correctly, this post holds veto powers on all fiscal matters (as well as wields considerable influence on the Senate's Budget & Allocation committees, respectively). The SBT is elected separately from the President/V.P. slot and his/her numbers are usually indicative for [the] future presidential run. The post of SBT is a key post and as eluded to previously - is a strong stepping stone for SBP (extending a potentially unpopular leader's reign to a full two years).

It's absolutely, without question, unconscionable that any party would run the leader of an organization such as GFI for a top representational post of leadership as SBT.

This may be another 2006 - when this blog endorsed the Greek/FBK Ticket. And I'll have no worries doing so again, today. No "independent party" would ever commit such a grave and degrading action against entire ethnic & religious communities at the University of Florida.


Anonymous said...

Yes, endorse the Greek party. All 200 people that follow this blog. Your endorsement means a lot, please reconsider your position.

Christian Duque said...

200 people? It's 2010, haha, I'd be surprised if this blog still reached a couple dozen top SG brass. But you're right, about 200 people in or around the ville are still reading.

However, I cannot in good faith just endorse "indie" parties b/c they have the right slogans and/or don the right colors. This level of insensitivity must at the very least be met with skepticism.

Anonymous said...

Duque, please, reconsider your choice. There is still time to explore other options.

Besides, are you seriously going to side with a guy that has an invisible best friend named Toto?

Anonymous said...

Toto was killed in a crash last week, Justin is blaming on the Zionists in the Orange and Blue Party even though none of them even knew Toto was real.

Justin Wooten said...

I miss toto you rat bastards.